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Everything You Need to Know About How to Compost

Man holding plant text overlay How to Compost

What You Need to Know About How to Compost Whether you have a garden and you’re looking for nutrient-rich food that can help your plants prosper or you’re simply interested in reducing your waste, creating a compost pile is a great option. If you’re not sure how to begin, this informative guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to compost. Benefits of Composting When food scraps end up in the landfill, they lack the air they […]

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How to Make Sponge Water Bombs

Sponge water bombs on grass text overlay How to Make Sponge Water Bombs

Easy Way to Make Sponge Water Bombs While water balloons might be a fun summer activity, they’re incredibly wasteful and bad for the environment. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly summer activity your kids will enjoy, learn how to make sponge water bombs. Balloon Pollution You know how terrible plastic straws and plastic bags are to marine life, so you’ve made the switch a reusable straw and you’re working on reducing your plastic use. But are you familiar with balloon […]

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Eco-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids

Child blowing bubbles text overlay 8 Eco-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids

8 Exciting Eco-Friendly Summer Activities for Kids When the days are long and the weather is warm, it’s a sure sign that summer is here. If you want to encourage your children to get outside and have some fun, these exciting eco-friendly summer activities for kids can help. These activities will get your kids up and moving outside where they can enjoy some fresh air and possibly even learn something new. Best of all, since these activities are eco-friendly, you […]

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Eco-Friendly Indoor Activities for Kids

Kid playing with clay text overlay 11 Eco-Friendly Indoor Activities for Kids

Eco-Friendly Indoor Activities for Kids While it’s always great to get kids outside to play, sometimes bad weather and other events can prevent that from happening. Fortunately, you don’t have to plop them in front of a screen to keep them amused. Instead, you can entertain them with one of these great eco-friendly indoor activities for kids. 1. Make Homemade Natural Playdough My son loves to make homemade natural playdough because, let’s face it, playdough is pretty fun to play […]

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Easy Ways to Reduce Waste in 2020

Light blue door with text overlay 25 Foolproof Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Foolproof Ways to Reduce Waste While working toward reducing plastic use is vitally important, it isn’t enough to tackle the waste epidemic we have around the world. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to reduce waste once and for all when you make these simple swaps. Why Reduce Waste? While I believe we all have a general sense that waste is out of control in our world, I think it helps to see the numbers to get an idea of just how […]

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Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper for 2020

Toilet paper on floor with text overlay Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Can Help Save Trees

The Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper You picked out the best reusable straw so you don’t need a plastic straw when you go out to eat. You even started making your own homemade massaging shampoo bar so you can reduce your plastic bottle pollution. But have you made the switch to eco-friendly toilet paper yet? Yes, that’s right. That roll of toilet paper in your bathroom that you don’t think about actually contributes to a large portion of deforestation around the […]

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How to Use a Safety Razor

Safety razor on counter with text overlay Everything You Need to Know About How to Use a Safety Razor

How to Use a Safety Razor A safety razor may seem intimidating and hard to use. However, once you learn how to use a safety razor, you’ll realize that it’s not much different than a cartridge razor. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a smooth and close shave that’s not only environmentally friendly, but also budget friendly. When you’re ready to make the switch, read on to learn all the tips and tricks you need to know on how to use […]

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How to Soften Clothes Without Dryer Sheets

Woman holding laundry basket text overlay How to Soften Clothes Without Dryer Sheets

How to Soften Clothes Without Dryer Sheets You might not know it, but your home is filled with potentially toxic items, and dryer sheets are one of the worst offenders. If you’re ready to ditch those dangerous dryer sheets, discover how you can easily soften clothes without dryer sheets. Are Dryer Sheets Toxic? The companies that make dryer sheets have done a really good job of disguising just how toxic this product actually is. They smell good, and they have […]

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Microfiber or Cotton- Which One Is More Eco-Friendly?

Rolled up towels text overlay Microfiber or Cotton Which One Is More Eco-Friendly

Is Microfiber or Cotton More Eco-Friendly? If you’re trying to live a more eco-friendly life, switching to reusable items is a great place to start. However, you might be wondering whether microfiber or cotton is more eco-friendly. Read on to discover which option is better for the environment and why. Why Switch to Microfiber or Cotton? Switching to a reusable cleaning cloth offers plenty of advantages. It’s a great way to reduce paper towel use. It’s also one excellent way […]

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Easy Ways to Reduce Paper Towel Use

Towels hanging up to dry text overlay How to Eliminate Paper Towels Forever

How to Reduce Paper Towel Use Whether you’re trying to make a zero waste bathroom or you’re working toward making your kitchen more eco-friendly, cutting back on paper towel use is important. Discover some incredibly simple ways you can reduce paper towel use to help save trees, save money, and cut back on your waste. Why It’s Important to Reduce Paper Towel Use Even though everyone knows that the very trees we rely on for the air we breathe and […]

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