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Zero Waste Travel – 12 Must-Pack Essentials

Waterfall, suitcases, and stone steps leading into forest with text overlay - 12 must-pack essentials for zero waste travel

Zero Waste Travel Essentials I absolutely love to travel. I think this world has some incredible natural beauty that everyone should able to experience. That’s one reason why I work so hard to protect it! But traveling can produce A LOT of waste. When I started my journey toward a more zero waste lifestyle, I knew I would have to make some adjustments to my traveling habits. Fortunately, I discovered it’s actually quite easy to make traveling more eco-friendly with […]

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Best Eco-Friendly Dental Floss

Discover the best eco-friendly dental floss options to help you have a zero waste bathroom.

Top Eco-Friendly Dental Floss Options Flossing is an important part of every dental care routine, but traditional dental floss has numerous environmental and health concerns. Fortunately, you’ll find several eco-friendly dental floss options that will make taking care of your teeth more sustainable. What’s Wrong With Traditional Floss? Traditional dental floss is typically made with nylon, which is a type of plastic. Not only can’t you recycle nylon, but it also takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. However, being made […]

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Best Zero Waste Products for Beginners

Discover the best zero waste products for beginners

Best Zero Waste Products for Beginners If you’re ready to start reducing the amount of waste in your life but you’re not sure how to begin, this helpful guide will go over the best zero waste products for beginners and the zero waste products to avoid. Living a zero waste lifestyle is a journey, and we’re all at different stages. If you’re just starting out, welcome! If you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, this is the perfect […]

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How to Care for Reusable Food Wrap

If you want to make your beeswax food wrap last longer, learn how to care for reusable food wrap

Beeswax Wraps Care Instructions Are you thinking about making the switch to beeswax wraps but you’re wondering how to care for reusable food wrap. You’ll find all the answers you need to know right here! Reusable food wrap is typically made using beeswax, which is why some people also call it beeswax wrap. It’s an excellent sustainable option for storing leftovers in your kitchen. If you’re looking for some easy ways to reduce plastic use, one simple switch you can […]

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The 9 Best Reusable Straws for 2019

Learn about the 9 best reusable straws for 2019

The 9 Best Reusable Straws for 2019 Ready to make the switch to a reusable straw but not sure which one to get? Learn more about the different reusable straw materials and discover the best reusable straws. The simple truth is, we need to start taking steps to cut down on the overwhelming amount of single-use plastic that’s piling up in our landfills and clogging up our waterways. There are several easy ways to reduce plastic use, including reusable straws. […]

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What Is Reusable Food Wrap?

Can Reusable Food Wrap Really Replace Plastic Wrap?

What Is Reusable Food Wrap? Whether you’re starting your journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle or simply looking for an easy way to reduce waste and save money, you might be thinking about getting reusable food wrap. However, you might be also be wondering, “What is reusable food wrap, and can I use it replace plastic food wrap?” If so, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this food wrap. How Is Reusable Food Wrap Made? Although […]

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Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

8 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

8 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use People seem to have this mistaken belief that going green is hard and complicated. Actually, the exact opposite is true. In fact, there’s one thing you can start doing right now that will have a huge positive impact on the environment: reduce plastic use. Single-use plastics are items we use once and then throw in the trash, and they’re clogging up our waterways, overflowing in landfills, and hurting wildlife. While you might not […]

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7 Tips for Packing a Waste-Free Lunch

Tips for Packing a Waste-Free Lunch

7 Tips for Packing a Waste-Free Lunch Summer is winding down, which means pretty soon school will start back, and you’ll be packing lunches again. While schools have made a big push to encourage parents to pack healthy lunches, they haven’t really focused on making sure lunches are also good for the environment. Between plastic snack bags and single drink boxes, lunches can result in a lot of waste. Not to mention, more money coming out of your wallet as […]

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