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Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Men

Blue gift on pink background text overlay 10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Him

Best Eco-Friendly Gifts for Men Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, the holidays, or Father’s Day, it’s easy to find the men in your life something they’ll love when you get one of these best eco-friendly gifts for men. Even better, many of these sustainable gift ideas come from some of the best zero waste online shops, which means you know you’re making a truly sustainable purchase that’s better for the environment. Don’t forget, if you’re shopping for your mom […]

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Ideas for Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Yellow Easter basket with text overlay 13 Awesomely Easy and Clever Ways to Create Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

Great Fillers for Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets If you’re trying to make your Easter more sustainable, one great place to start is your children’s Easter basket. When you’re ready to create eco-friendly Easter baskets, consider some of these fantastic fillers and gifts. Select a Reusable Easter Basket If you’re creating an Easter basket for the first time or you don’t have a basket you use year after year, skip the cheap, plastic basket and go with a reusable option. One great […]

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Awesome Upcycled Valentine’s Day Gifts

Collage of upcycled Valentine's Day gifts text overlay 15+ Super Easy Upcycled Valentine's Day Gifts

The Best Upcycled Valentine’s Day Gifts This Valentine’s Day, you can show your sweetheart how much you care without spending a ton of money or creating even more excess waste when you make upcycled Valentine’s Day gifts. Check out some of these awesome gift ideas that will be perfect for the one you love. What Are Upcycled Valentine’s Day Gifts? There are plenty of eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts you can give to your sweetheart. However, if you’re trying to make […]

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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Glitter Christmas ornaments with text overlay How to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Christmas

How to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Christmas Christmas is all about festive cheer and goodwill. Unfortunately, between the big holiday meals and gift-giving, it can also mean a lot of waste. If you want to make your holiday greener, these awesome tips on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas can help. 1. Choose a Real Tree If you’re ready to have an eco-friendly Christmas, one good place to start is with your Christmas tree. Even though you might think getting an […]

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Zero Waste Gift Wrap Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Wrapped Christmas present text overlay Zero Waste Gift Wrap Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

The Best Zero Waste Gift Wrap Ideas ‘Tis the season for wrapping gifts. But if all that waste from traditional wrapping paper makes you cringe, consider one of these excellent zero waste gift wrap ideas. Why Choose Zero Waste Gift Wrap? Your presents always look so beautiful when they’re sitting under the tree all wrapped up in their shiny paper and sporting their bows and ribbons. But then Christmas morning comes along, and all that wrapping paper ends up in […]

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Real vs. Artificial: What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree?

Man and woman decorating Christmas tree text overlay What's the Most Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree?

The Most Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree If you’re trying to make your Christmas more sustainable, you might be looking at your Christmas tree and wondering if you’re making the eco-friendly choice. Learn more about the environmental impacts of both real and artificial Christmas trees so you can select the most eco-friendly Christmas tree. The Debate Over an Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Every year, millions of people will put a Christmas tree in their home to celebrate the holidays. Some trees will be […]

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Awesome Upcycled Christmas Gifts

Red gift box in snow text overlay Over 20 Super Easy Upcycled Christmas Gifts

The Best Upcycled Christmas Gifts Part of the joy of Christmas is giving our loved ones gifts to show how much we care. Unfortunately, these gifts can sometimes lead to excess waste. If you’re trying to have a more eco-friendly Christmas this year, check out these awesome upcycled Christmas gifts you can give. What Are Upcycled Christmas Gifts? Upcycling is the act of taking old or discarded items and making them into something new and useful. Upcycling is an important […]

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Outstanding Eco-Friendly Halloween Treats

Orange plastic jack-o-lantern filled with eco-friendly Halloween treats

The Best Eco-Friendly Halloween Treats Halloween is always a fun holiday — until you think about all the environmental harm that comes from those Halloween treats you hand out to trick-or-treaters. Fortunately, there are a variety of eco-friendly Halloween treats you can give that are better for the environment and your trick-or-treaters will love. Before trick-or-treat night rolls around this year, learn more about the best eco-friendly Halloween treats you can hand out that will please every witch, goblin, and […]

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Best DIY Halloween Costumes for an Eco-Friendly Halloween

Collage of DIY Halloween Costumes

Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes If you’re looking to make your Halloween more eco-friendly, creating DIY Halloween costumes for everyone in your family is a great option. For a little inspiration, check out some of these awesome ideas. Benefits of DIY Halloween Costumes Creating your own DIY Halloween costumes offers several advantages over store-bought costumes. First, when you make a DIY costume with things you already have around the house, you can easily save money. Second, DIY Halloween costumes are better […]

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Best Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Discover 15 incredible Mother's Day gift ideas that your mom will love.

Top 15 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts If you have a crunchy mom or you’re trying to live a more green life, you want to give her great eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts that are sustainable and that she’ll love. Fortunately, you can find plenty of outstanding options on this list. Plus, if you’re searching for a sustainable gift the guys in your life would like, don’t forget to check out these best eco-friendly gifts for men. They’re perfect for birthdays, Father’s […]

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