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The Best Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Ethical Shine

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Enjoy Sustainable Shimmer With the Best Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Whether it’s to express our love or show off our style, humans have been wearing jewelry for thousands of years. However, when we don’t shop consciously, our jewelry can have some nasty negative impacts on the environment. That’s why it’s so important to choose the best eco-friendly jewelry.

But what actually makes jewelry eco-friendly? How can you ensure you’re choosing ethical jewelry pieces? We’ll answer all of those questions and more with this guide on the best sustainable jewelry brands.

Why Is it Important to Choose Ethical Jewelry Brands?

Cropped view of young woman wearing golden necklaces and rings

Traditional jewelry mining and making methods are often hazardous to people and the environment. For example, gold mines can devastate the environment by using chemicals that pollute the land and waterways.

Another example is a conflict diamond, also known as blood diamonds. These natural diamonds are illegally traded to fund conflict in war-torn areas. In addition to helping to fund wars, thousands of men, women, and children are often used as slaves to mine the diamonds.

On the other hand, eco-friendly jewelry is made from materials and practices that are ethical and sustainable to the environment.

Sometimes, this means using recycled precious metals, such as scrap gold and sterling silver. Other times it can mean cutting precious stones and semi-precious stones using less water and no chemicals to prevent polluting the environment.

In addition to following fair labor practices and using sustainable materials, many jewelry brands also use eco-friendly packaging to ensure their pieces create as little waste as possible.

1. Sara Patino Jewelry

Sara Patino Jewelry gold moonlight ring

Sara Patino Jewelry makes fine jewelry in small batches using 100% recycled metals. By using recycled metals, old metal is given a second life, and we don’t have to mine for new natural materials.

If you’re looking for a unique idea for engagement rings or wedding rings, consider the Be the Light ring or the Deep Pearl ring. Each piece is handmade in the United States using 90% locally sourced metal.

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Additionally, the mother of pearl in the Deep Pearl ring is sourced from the Tennessee River.

Even better, these unique pieces come from one of the best online zero waste stores. This means you know your jewelry will arrive at your home without any excess waste or plastic shipping materials.

2. Fahlo

Fahlo sea turtle bracelet

If you’re passionate about protecting wildlife, you’ll absolutely love a Fahlo bracelet. Not only do these bracelets help save animals by donating a portion of the proceeds to non-profit wildlife conservation organizations, but they also come with an information card with a real animal to track.

You’ll learn about your animal’s name and size, get knowledge of where they come from, and be able to follow their journey on an interactive tracking map.

Currently, animals include sea turtles, dolphins, elephants, polar bears, sharks, penguins, giraffes, and lions. New animals are frequently added, so you can easily find one of your favorites.

The bracelets also come in a variety of beautiful bead colors, which means you’ll have no issues finding some to work with all of your outfits.

If you decide to pick up a few bracelets, be sure to use the code EARTHFRIENDLY20 to take 20% off your order.

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3. Astor & Orion (SaS)

Wise Heart Silver Charm Necklace

Astor & Orion has an excellent selection of ethically made earrings and necklaces. These stylish pieces are made using strictly recycled metals and innovative 3D sculpting technology to eliminate waste and pollution from the very start.

You don’t have to worry about the lack of stones limiting the beauty of these pieces. That’s because the company uses an extra dose of creativity to make incredibly artistic designs that are great for everyday wear or as a gift for special occasions.

They use materials that are safe for you, workers, and the planet. These recycled materials can be easily recycled again with no extra processing. In addition to protecting the environment, the company also believes in protecting the rights of their workers by using ethical manufacturing.

Along with offering sustainable jewelry, Astor & Orion also helps you reduce carbon emissions by providing the option to make your order carbon neutral.

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4. Green Tree Jewelry

Green Tree Jewelry Split Philodendron Wooden Earrings

Rather than using precious metals and stones, Green Tree Jewelry makes its eco-friendly jewelry using wood. Based in San Diego, California, Green Tree Jewelry is all about making fun and unique wooden earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

These lightweight pieces are made using FSC-certified birchwood and naturally colored with water-based dyes. The wood is cut with a laser for minimal material waste.

The bracelets also double as an essential oil diffuser. Just add 2-3 drops of your favorite scent to the natural wood back and enjoy the fragrance!

Plus, since this jewelry is made of wood, you can remove the stainless steel and compost the wood if it reaches the end of its useful life and it’s no longer wearable.

You can find Green Tree Jewelry at EarthHero. If you decide to order a few pieces, you can use the code EARTHFRIENDLY to enjoy 10% off!

5. Omi Woods

Omi Woods gold necklace

Founder Ashley Alexis McFarlane created Omi Woods to pay tribute to her heritage. The company offers a stunning collection of contemporary heirloom jewelry that includes necklaces, earrings, pendants, and more.

All of the jewelry pieces are made with fair trade gold sourced from small-scale artisanal mines in Africa that are dedicated to fair wages and labor. Everything is individually and intentionally made, and the supply chain is intentional every step of the way.

In addition to using conflict-free gold, Omi Woods uses sustainable, un-mined, lab-grown diamonds that sparkle and shine just like their natural counterparts. However, you can rest assured they’re not conflict diamonds and land wasn’t destroyed to mine them.

You can also find lovely pieces that use freshwater pearls for a delicate and timeless touch.

Not only are these pieces intended to be worn every day, but they’re also designed to be gifted and passed down through the generations so their beauty and meaning can live on.


ABLE Satellite Necklace

You might be familiar with ABLE because of their outstanding collection of sustainable fashion pieces. But did you know the company also has an impressive collection of eco-friendly jewelry at affordable price points?

ABLE is a certified B Corp that believes generational poverty can end when people are given the opportunity to provide for themselves. Their manufacturing base in Nashville, Tennessee, creates sustainable business opportunities for women overcoming adversity, which empowers entire families and local communities.

ABLE’s selection of handmade jewelry includes rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. All of the jewelry pieces are made in-house using responsibly sourced materials that come from small-scale vendors that also offer fair wages and safe working conditions.

For a special touch, you can personalize many of the pieces. Plus, like all other ABLE products, these jewelry pieces come with a lifetime guarantee.

All of the pieces are designed with a level of quality and durability that will last for years and years. If your jewelry doesn’t live up to this standard, you can have it repaired replaced at any time.

7. Wellthy

Wellthy Recycled Paperclip Chain Necklace

Wellthy believes in taking care of the Earth and the people who live here. That’s why they make their beautiful jewelry using 100% recycled metals reclaimed from post-consumer materials sourced in the USA.

The metals come from sources that meet high sustainability standards and have been audited by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

When you shop Wellthy jewelry, you can find everything from hoop earrings and stud earrings to chain necklaces and chain bracelets. Most of the pieces are available in either sterling silver or gold vermeil, so you can easily find your preferred metal.

8. 4ocean

New Ocean Drop Bracelet Collection at 4ocean

4ocean is another excellent option if you’re looking for stylish bracelets that help out a good cause. The unisex, waterproof, adjustable bracelets are handcrafted by artisans in Bali.

The original 4ocean bracelet has a 100% 4ocean-recovered plastic cord, 95% post-consumer recycled glass beads, and 100% recycled stainless steel charms. With every bracelet purchased, you help remove one pound of trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines.

In addition to the original bracelet, 4ocean also offer special bracelets that honor animals that live in and around the ocean, such as the dolphin bracelet, coral reef bracelet, and sea turtle bracelet.

Along with beaded bracelets and braided bracelets, 4ocean also has a great selection of stunning jewelry that proves even ocean trash can be turned into something beautiful. One example is a premium sterling silver necklace, which features brightly colored flakes of 4ocean plastic suspended in a plant-based epoxy resin.

If you decide to get some of this lovely jewelry, don’t forget to use the code EARTHFRIENDLYTIPS to enjoy 10% off your order!

9. Baleen

Baleen silver cache necklace

A lot of companies don’t see how they can make a profit using sustainable business practices. However, Baleen owners Billy and Leah understand that without a healthy planet, they can’t have their business.

Their sleek and minimalist jewelry pieces are handmade in Seattle, Washington, using 99% recycled metals. They buy their recycled metals from a certified mill in the USA.

Then they bend, shape, and solder that metal into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Lastly, they save the scrap pieces so they can send them back to the mill for recycling.

The production studio is also a zero-waste facility that follows sustainable practices, so you can feel good knowing you’re getting a piece of jewelry that doesn’t add any excess waste to the landfill.

10. Rover & Kin

Rover and Kin earrings

What’s better than beautifully designed jewelry? Lovely jewelry that’s also sustainably and ethically made! And that’s exactly what you get when you shop Rover & Kin.

The company says they design for people and planet, and this is clearly evident in everything they make. You can find a fantastic selection of handmade necklaces and earrings.

The pieces are handmade using a variety of natural materials, including recycled metals, clay, and wood. Rover & Kin is a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation and partners with women artisans in India to provide fair wages and celebrate traditional skills.

Additionally, everything ships using sustainable, plastic-free packaging, so you can enjoy your jewelry without worrying about creating more waste.

Choosing the Best Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Jewelry doesn’t have to hurt the planet or the people who make the pieces. The next time you’re shopping for a lovely piece of jewelry, you can get something that doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment or people when you choose one of these best eco-friendly jewelry brands.

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