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Environmentally Friendly Diapers From Eco Pea Co.

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Discover Environmentally Friendly Diapers by Eco Pea Co.

In the world of eco-friendly living, we often talk about choosing reusable over disposable. So when it comes to diapers for your baby, you might be wondering: Are disposable environmentally friendly diapers even possible?

They are when you choose eco-friendly disposable diapers from Eco Pea Co.!

Discover how Eco Pea Co. diapers are made, why they’re the perfect option for babies with sensitive skin, and how their convenient subscription service makes your life even easier so you can see why they’re the best environmentally friendly diaper.

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The Dark Side of Disposable Diapers

Diapers are just a natural part of life when you have a baby. The problem is, we don’t even think about the harm most disposable diapers cause.

Regular disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to decompose. That means pretty much every disposable diaper created is still on this planet. It also means if you throw away a disposable diaper today, your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and more will have to deal with them!

Plus, it’s not just the environmental damage you have to be concerned about. Disposable diapers also have health concerns. The dyes and fragrances used in disposable diapers can cause everything from diaper rash to allergic reactions.

Why Eco Pea Co. Diapers Are Better

Now you know why regular disposable diapers are so bad. But babies obviously need diapers. So what can you do?

You can turn to environmentally friendly diapers from Eco Pea Co.

Eco Pea Co. uses bamboo as the primary material for its disposable diapers. What makes bamboo so special?

First, bamboo is amazingly soft. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly diaper that’s luxuriously plush and comfortable, this is the one for you!

Additionally, bamboo is a natural product. Not only does it grow incredibly fast, but it also requires minimal resources to grow. Most importantly, since it’s natural, an Eco Pea Co. diaper will be more than half degraded in just 2 to 3 months.

Plus, it’s not just the bamboo that makes Eco Pea Co. the best environmentally friendly diapers. These diapers also include all the features you need to make taking care of your baby a little easier.

They include a wetness indicator so you know if your baby’s diaper needs changing. The super absorbent core and snug fit help prevent leaks and blowouts.

The tape stays in place and won’t tear like some other diapers. Plus, Eco Pea Co. diapers come with a size label, which is unbelievably convenient if you have multiple kids wearing diapers in different sizes.

Even better, the diapers are gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, which means they’re not tested on animals.

What About Sensitive Skin?

My son suffers from eczema. So obviously I’m always concerned about how different products will react to his sensitive skin.

The great thing about Eco Pea Co. is that their diapers are crafted specifically for those with sensitive skin. Since the diapers are made mostly of bamboo, they’re naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

The dermatologist-approved diapers also contain no added fragrances or other harmful ingredients, including no phthalates, chlorine, latex, alcohol, or dioxin.

However, just because these environmentally friendly diapers don’t contain any fragrances, that doesn’t mean you’ll constantly have to deal with stinky diapers. That’s because they’re also odor resistant.

More Than Just Environmentally Friendly Diapers

Not only does Eco Pea Co. make outstanding eco-friendly diapers, but they also have other products that make taking care of your baby and the environment even easier.

The company makes wipes that are ideal for cleaning up any type of mess your little one gets into. Just like the diapers, these wipes don’t contain any nasty chemicals, and they’re made from bamboo, which means they’re 100% biodegradable.

They’re also incredibly soft, yet they have a textured grip that does an amazing job of cleaning up messes.

When your kids get older and begin to transition out of diapers, Eco Pea Co. makes training diapers that offer all of the same great benefits as the environmentally friendly diapers.

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Saving You Time and Money

As a parent, I get it. You’re always being pulled in a million different directions — especially when you have a new baby.

The last thing you want to discover when you’re changing a dirty diaper is that you forgot to get a new pack at the store, and now you’re out. That’s why Eco Pea Co. has a convenient bamboo diaper subscription service.

You get to choose how often you would like the diapers delivered to you so they fit your schedule. You can even modify, pause, skip, or cancel shipments any time you need to.

Best of all, the diaper subscription service helps you save 20% compared to buying diapers as a one-time purchase. And we all know how important it is to save money when you have a baby!

Getting Environmentally Friendly Diapers From Eco Pea Co.

You want the best for your baby. That means not settling for regular disposable diapers that create excess waste and can harm your baby’s health. Instead, get Eco Pea Co. diapers and enjoy all of the benefits these outstanding environmentally friendly diapers have to offer.

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