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The Best Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner for a Sparkling Shine

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10 Best Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

When it’s time to clean your mirrors and windows, you likely reach for that common bottle of blue glass cleaner. But is there a better way? In fact, there is! You can use an eco-friendly glass cleaner.

Learn more about the benefits of using a natural glass cleaner, and then check out the best eco-friendly glass cleaner to suit your needs.

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner?

When it comes to cleaning mirrors and glass, it seems like everyone reaches for a bottle of Windex. But just like so many other common household cleaning products, Windex is hiding a lot of toxic secrets.

Aside from the fact that it comes in a wasteful plastic bottle that ends up in the landfill when it’s empty, the main problem with Windex is its ingredients.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) gives Windex a “D” rating because of concerns about asthma and respiratory irritations, skin allergies and irritation, and environmental toxicity.

The number one ingredient of concern is ammonia. Ammonia is a colorless gas that has a very strong odor.

When ammonia dissolves in water, it’s called liquid ammonia. Once liquid ammonia is exposed to air, it quickly turns back into a gas.

This gas can burn your eyes, irritate your respiratory tract, and can cause coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.

Additionally, you have to make sure ammonia never mixes with bleach. When they combine, they produce toxic chloramine gas.

On the other hand, eco-friendly glass cleaners use plant- or mineral-based cleaning agents to provide the same effective clean without the dangerous side effects. Some sustainable glass cleaners also come in packaging you can easily compost or recycle, so you don’t have to worry about producing any waste when you’re cleaning!

The Best Eco Friendly Glass, Window, and Mirror Cleaners

Now that you know why you should switch to an eco-friendly glass cleaner, you’re ready to pick out one that will suit your needs. Whether you’re interested in a natural glass cleaner made with plant-based ingredients or a zero waste glass cleaner, here are several sustainable options that deliver outstanding results.

1. DIY Glass Cleaner

Spray bottle of DIY glass cleaner in front of window

Did you know it’s incredibly easy to make your own glass cleaner? It is when you take a look at this recipe for a DIY glass cleaner!

It only needs a few simple and natural ingredients that are safe to use around your family. Plus, it has a secret ingredient to ensure you get a streak-free shine every time.

Even better, it’s not the only natural cleaner you can easily make with simple ingredients you likely already have around the house. If you’re interested in green cleaning your entire home, be sure to check out this natural cleaning recipes bundle!

Natural cleaning recipe cards

It comes with over 25 recipe cards and labels for easy-to-make natural cleaning products. It also includes a guide on my favorite essential oil cleaning blends and a cheat sheet on the natural cleaning ingredients you should never mix together.

Thanks to this bundle, you’ll find it easier than ever to make your own DIY cleaning products and get your home clean the natural way!

2. Etee Window Cleaner

Etee window cleaner

Don’t have time to DIY? That’s not a problem! You can also find plenty of pre-made options, including this window cleaner from Etee.

Etee makes a variety of eco-friendly cleaners for your home that don’t come with any wasteful plastic. Instead, this concentrated cleaner is shipped right to your front door in ingenious backyard compostable Beepods.

When you need to make more window cleaner, simply fill a spray bottle with 12.5 oz (375 ml) of water. Rip open your pod of concentrate and pour it into the spray bottle.

Screw on the top, give it a little shake, and clean like usual. You can then dispose of the pod in your compost bin.

The cleaner performs just as well as store-bought brands, but without all the harsh chemicals. It gently wipes away dust, grime, and more with a refreshing scent of peppermint.

Plus, since it comes from one of the best online zero waste stores, you know you won’t have to deal with any excess plastic waste.

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3. 0 Waste Cleaning

0 Waste Cleaning glass cleaner tablets

Are you interested in another zero waste glass cleaner? Then take a look at these window cleaner tablets from 0 Waste Cleaning.

This plant-based and biodegradable cleaner is incredibly simple to use. The tablets dissolve rapidly in warm water and work in all glass bottles with spray tops. They quickly and easily handle fingerprints, spots, and streaks on any glass surface.

Their packaging is made with craft paper on the outside and a thin layer of plant-based PLA in the inside. Not only does this make the packaging waterproof, but it’s also 100% recyclable and compostable.

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4. Rosey

Rosey Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Rosey makes it easy to keep your home sparkling clean using mineral- and plant-based cleaning power. The glass cleaner from this Certified B Corporation is a great low waste alternative to traditional cleaners.

It’s vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and SLS-free. It will help you keep your surfaces clean and shiny without any ammonia, chlorine bleach, or harsh chemicals.

When you first get started, you can purchase the Glass & Mirror Cleaner Concentrate Bundle, which includes the cleaner concentrate and a reusable spray bottle made from 100% sustainable materials.

When it’s time for a refill, simply get the convenient refill pouches to pour into your reusable bottle.

Rosey is available exclusively through Thrive Market, which is also one of the best places to find affordable organic food online. For a limited time, you can get 40% OFF your first order and a FREE gift when you join. So be sure to sign up for Thrive Market today!

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5. Biokleen Glass Cleaner

Biokleen Glass Cleaner

Instead of using ammonia, chlorine, and other toxic chemicals that give off harsh fumes, Biokleen Glass Cleaner uses vinegar and plant-derived cleaning agents to help you get rid of dirt, dust, grease, smoke fingerprints, and more from glass.

It’s safe to use on all types of reflective surfaces, including mirrors, tables, windows, chrome, shower doors, and light fixtures. It’s also Safer Choice Certified, which means it’s safe to use around pets and kids.

Additionally, Biokleen products use biodegradable ingredients, are never tested on animals, and the company proudly manufactures its products in the United States.

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6. Method Glass & Surface Cleaner

Method Glass and Surface Cleaner

Method Glass & Surface Cleaner proves you can get a fresh-smelling and streak-free shine without ammonia. This cleaner uses plant-based ingredients to eliminate dirt, dust, fingerprints, and more from windows, tile, glass, and mirrors.

It has light notes of mint, peppermint, and eucalyptus to freshen your home while you’re cleaning.

The cruelty-free cleaner is tested by people, not tested on animals, so you know you’re protecting all living creatures on this planet. Additionally, Method manufactures its products in a platinum LEED and platinum TRUE certified factory that’s committed to reducing waste and improving efficiency.

7. Aunt Fannie’s Glass & Window Cleaner

Aunt Fannie's Glass and Window Cleaner

Aunt Fannie’s Glass & Window Cleaner can handle your toughest cleaning jobs without resorting to harsh chemicals. Instead, this glass cleaner uses vinegar and plant-based cleaners to leave behind a sparkling finish.

In addition to using it on mirrors and glass, you can also use it to clean tubs, countertops, tiles, and fixtures. The cleaner has just a hint of lavender for a light, refreshing scent.

Plus, the EWG has given this window cleaner an “A” rating because it has low concern for environmental harm, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and cancer. This means you can rest easy knowing you’re using something that’s people- and pet-friendly.

8. Eco-Me Glass Cleaner

Eco-Me Glass Cleaner

When you choose this Eco-Me Glass Cleaner, you’re getting a cleaner that’s free from BPA, phthalates, colorants, dyes, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives, harsh chemicals, and toxic fumes. Instead, the formula uses plant extracts and natural botanicals to deliver a streak-free shine.

You can safely use it to clean windows, glass, mirrors, light fixtures, and more.

The vegan and cruelty-free formula has an uplifting peppermint scent. Not only does this help your home smell wonderful, but mint is also an insect deterrent that can naturally help keep bugs out of your house.

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9. Better Life Glass Cleaner

Better Life Glass Cleaner

If you’re looking for an easy way to cut down on waste and save money, go with this concentrate glass cleaner from Better Life. Then simply pour the correct ratio of concentrate and water into your spray bottle and keep cleaning like usual.

One jug of concentrate can make around 18 bottles of glass cleaner. That equals out to around $4 a bottle, which is definitely a budget-friendly way to live a more eco-friendly life!

Plus, just like the individual spray bottles, the concentrate uses the same 100% plant-derived cleaning agent formula. It also doesn’t contain ammonia, alcohol, petroleum solvents, SLS, synthetic fragrance, or dyes.

You can also use it on glass, windows, mirrors, Plexiglas, car glass, treated windows, light fixtures, chrome, and acrylic.

10. Attitude Window & Mirror Cleaner

Attitude Window and Mirror Cleaner

You can get a safe and effective clean when you use Attitude Window & Mirror Cleaner. This hypoallergenic cleaner is made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, so it’s safe to use around the entire family.

It’s specially designed to give a streak-free shine on windows and mirrors, and it features a fresh and clean citrus scent that you’ll love.

You can also rest assured you’re using a cruelty-free and vegan cleaner. That means not only do these products contain no animal-derived ingredients, but they’re never tested on animals either.

Additionally, the cleaner comes in bottles made from recycled HDPE #2 plastic, which is the easiest plastic to recycle.

How to Use an Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner

The great thing about making the switch to an eco-friendly glass cleaner is that you don’t have to change your cleaning process at all. These cleaners still work exactly like traditional glass cleaners.

To use them, simply spray the solution on the surface you’re cleaning, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe away to reveal a sparkling shine. If you’re trying to reduce waste from your cleaning routine, you can easily ditch the paper towels and make the switch to these unpaper towels.

Reusable paper towels are the exact product I use when I’m cleaning my home. They’re made from durable and absorbent 100% cotton, so they help you protect and save trees.

When you’re done using one, simply toss it in the washing machine so you can clean it and use it again. Even better, they become more absorbent after each wash!

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The Best Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaners That Won’t Hurt the Environment

When you need to clean the windows and mirrors around your home, you don’t have to reach for a bottle of glass cleaner filled with dangerous and toxic chemicals that can make you sick. Instead, choose one of these best eco-friendly glass cleaners and get an amazing streak-free clean!

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