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Pela Case Review: An Eco-Friendly Phone Case

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My Experience With Pela Case

On my journey toward a low waste and more sustainable life, I’m always looking for ways to reduce my plastic use and choose eco-friendly plastic alternatives. This is why I ultimately made the switch from a plastic phone case to an eco-friendly Pela case. In this Pela case review, I share my experience with using the world’s first compostable phone case.

Why Switch to a Pela Case?

Our phones have become an incredibly important part of our lives. We use them for shopping, to get directions, to stay connected, and we can even use apps to help us live a more sustainable life. So we obviously want to keep them protected by using a phone case.

Unfortunately, what started out as a necessary accessory has turned into a plastic product that’s piling up in our landfills and choking our waterways.

I’ve made a lot of swaps to more sustainable household items, but I never really thought about my phone case. That is, until I had to get a new phone and realized I was stuck with a plastic case that didn’t fit my new phone.

Not only couldn’t I reuse my phone case, but I also couldn’t recycle it. I was stuck with a piece of plastic I either had to keep in hopes it would eventually fit a phone again (which we all know is highly unlikely) or I just had to throw it away.

That’s when I set out to find a better alternative, and that’s when I discovered Pela case — the world’s first eco-friendly and compostable phone case.

But how durable is a compostable phone case? That’s what I decided to find out. So I bought a Pela case to give it a try.

I put together this Pela case review to help you decide whether you should make the switch.

The World’s First Compostable Phone Case

So how in the world is a compostable phone case actually made? It’s created from a material called Flaxstic, which has flax straw and compostable bioplastic elastomer.

Not only are these materials verified to meet child safety standards, but they’re also safe and free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium, and lead.

While all of these features are great, the truly amazing thing happens when you’re done with your case. When you get a new phone and need a different case, the base materials meet the standards for industrial composting. Even better, you can also let the phone case biodegrade in your own home composting environment.

How Does Pela Case Feel?

So you now you understand how the Pela case is made. But here’s another important question: How does the Pela case feel in your hands?

The Pela case is very comfortable. It’s soft and flexible. While it’s smooth, it does offer just enough stickiness that it won’t slide out of your hands like other plastic cases.

How Protective Is Pela Case?

OK, so now we know what makes Pela cases so eco-friendly, and we know that Pela cases feel good in our hands. But here’s the most important question of all: Are Pela cases durable?

Fortunately, I can answer that question with a resounding YES! In fact, Pela actually did a 20-foot drop test, and the phone was just fine.

While I didn’t drop my phone from 20 feet, it did fall out of my pocket and hit our concrete driveway one time. It has also fallen out of my lap and hit the floor more times than I can count. I’m happy to report that the Pela case did an outstanding job of protecting my phone each and every time.

In fact, Pela stands behind its products so much that if you purchase a Pela case and their zero waste liquid screen protector and your screen cracks, the company offers a screen repair guarantee!

More Pela Products

While I have the phone case, that’s not the only product Pela makes. Here are some of the other awesome products you can get to help reduce your waste once and for all:

Giving Back to the World

Along with offering one of the most eco-friendly phone cases in the world, Pela also gives back to make the world a better place.

In addition to helping plastic stay out of our oceans by offering a compostable phone case, Pela also donates a percentage of every sale to Ocean Cleanup and Preservation Initiatives. Pela is also a Climate Neutral Certified company and a Certified B Corporation.

Also, like these best zero waste online stores, Pela uses the minimum amount of packaging required so your items arrive safely and securely, which makes this a truly sustainable and eco-friendly phone case.

A Pela Case Review: Is it Worth It?

Here’s the most important question of all in this Pela case review: Is Pela case worth it?

In my opinion, the answer to that question is an absolute yes. These cases have beautiful designs, feel comfortable in your hands, and are durable enough to protect your phone.

However, most importantly, they can help us reduce our dependence on plastic and put an end to the plastic pollution that’s putting the lives of people and animals at risk.

More Eco-Friendly Living Tips

Now that this Pela case review has helped you decide to make the switch to the eco-friendly phone case, are you interested in even more great tips that can help you live a more sustainable life? Then be sure to check out some of these other popular posts:

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