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Best Eco-Friendly Tissues of 2023

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The Best Eco-Friendly Tissues

Whether you’re blowing your nose, wiping your face, or applying makeup, you likely reach for a tissue without even thinking about it. But if you’re working toward a more eco-friendly life, or you’re trying to create a zero waste bathroom, you need to have some of the best eco-friendly tissues on hand.

Fortunately, whether you’re interested in reusable or disposable, you can find sustainable tissues that will get the job done without hurting the environment. Discover why you should switch to an eco-friendly tissue, and then check out some of the top options that you’ll love.

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Are Tissues Bad for the Environment?

Just like toilet paper and paper towels, tissues are made from trees. While some of the trees used to make tissues are harvested using renewable practices, not all of them are.

This means that forests are being decimated and plants and animals are losing their homes every time we use and throw away a tissue.

Plus, the problems with tissues go beyond their production practices. Even though tissues are made from wood pulp, you can’t recycle them. Since tissues also contain additives and chemicals from the bleaching process, they’re not recommended for your compost bin either.

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Even Kimberly-Clark, the makers of Kleenex, admit on their website that the additives they put in their tissues won’t properly biodegrade and recommend you throw the tissue in the trash.

With all those issues in mind, it’s easy to see why you should make the switch to one of these best eco-friendly tissues.

1. Reel

Boxes of Reel recycled tissues

You might already be familiar with Reel because of their super soft eco-friendly toilet paper. But did you know they also make some of the best sustainable tissues?

These two-ply tissues are incredibly soft on the delicate skin on your face, yet they’re also strong enough to hold up to big blows and sneezes.

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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified tissues are made in the United States and free of virgin wood pulp, which helps save trees. They’re also biodegradable and sustainable.

In addition to coming with plastic-free packaging, the tissues also don’t contain any inks, dyes, fragrances, chlorine bleach, or other harsh chemicals.

One box comes with 80 tissues and you get 24 boxes per case. Plus, you can sign up for the hassle-free subscription service and ensure you never run out of tissues when you need them most.

2. LastTissue

Pack of LastTissue reusable tissues

If you’re looking for the most sustainable alternative to traditional tissue paper, reusable is always a good bet. That’s why you should consider picking up a LastTissue pack from LastObject. LastObject offers two excellent LastTissue products for at home and on the go.

I always carry a LastTissue pack in my purse to handle everything from blowing runny noses to wiping messy faces when we’re out and about. The reusable tissues are made of 100% organic cotton, which means they’re soft yet durable. They also come in a small and convenient silicone case that’s dishwasher safe if it needs cleaned.

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Even better, you can wash and reuse the tissues over 520 times. If you wash them in a mesh laundry bag, you can extend their life even more.

For the same convenience at home, pick up the LastTissue Box. These silicone boxes come with 18 reusable organic cotton tissues that are just as soft and strong as the portable tissues.

Plus, if you use tissues to apply or remove makeup, don’t forget LastObject has several convenient and reusable products you can use to help reduce waste, including the LastSwab reusable cotton swab and LastRound reusable makeup remover pad.

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3. The Home Farm

The Home Farm Handkerchiefs

If you’re looking for another great alternative to a single-use tissue, check out the cloth handkerchiefs from The Home Farm. This high-quality reusable handkerchief is made from 100% cotton and has a smooth, silky feel.

The handkerchiefs are amazingly useful. In addition to using them to wipe your nose, you can also use them to clean your glasses, wipe your phone screen, or clean your laptop screen. You can even use them as a pocket square in your suit or sport coat!

Each pack comes with three handkerchiefs that actually get softer each time you wash them.

Best of all, you can get these handkerchiefs at one of the best places online to find all of the essentials you need to live a more eco-friendly life. You can also rest assured your handkerchiefs will ship to you in recyclable packaging for as little waste as possible.

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4. Eco Soul

Eco Soul makes it easy to protect tress with their bamboo facial tissues. These tissues are made with 100% sustainable bamboo fibers. Not only does this make the tissues unbelievably soft, but it also makes them incredibly strong, which are both important when you’re dealing with stuffy noses.

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However, that’s not the only thing you’ll love about these tissues. They also don’t contain any scents, dyes, inks, or nasty chemicals, which makes them completely biodegradable in only 90 days.

It also means these tissues are hypoallergenic, won’t cause irritation or discomfort, and safe for all skin types.

5. Cheeky Panda

Like some of the other best eco-friendly tissues on this list, Cheeky Panda makes its tissues from 100% bamboo. Bamboo is an incredible plant that many consider the fastest growing plant in the world, which makes it an excellent sustainable option.

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Not only does bamboo grow faster than trees, but it also produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide. Additionally, Cheeky Panda’s bamboo facial tissue produces 65.5% fewer carbon emissions than traditional tissue brands.

The company doesn’t use the same type of bamboo that pandas eat, which helps protect these endangered species. The tissues are also cruelty-free, never tested on animals, and vegan-friendly.

In addition to these green tissues, Cheeky Panda also makes bamboo toilet paper that’s soft on your bum. Plus, the company donates some proceeds from every sale to help protect the rainforest.

6. HankyBook

HankyBook Organic Tissue Book

HankyBook is another awesome option to consider if you’re looking for a reusable tissue. This soft, eco-friendly option comes with a protective cover in a variety of delightful designs.

Inside the cover, you’ll find super soft organic cotton hankies that you can use to blow your nose, wipe your face, or do whatever else you normally do with a tissue.

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When you use up all of the pages, simply toss the HankyBook in the washing machine to clean it. The HankyBook is also safe to go in the dryer. If you prefer, you can also hand-wash and air-dry your HankyBook.

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In addition to the pink flowers print, HankyBook is also available with a bicycle print, birds print, and plain, which makes it easy to find something everyone in the family will love.

7. Caboo

Caboo makes its tree-free bamboo tissue from sustainably grown bamboo and sugarcane, which are both some of the fastest-growing plants.

The tissues are safe, gentle, ultra soft, and lint-free. Not only does this make them perfect for using on sensitive skin, but they’re also ideal for makeup touch ups and cleaning smudges off glasses and cell phones.

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The other great things you’ll love about these panda-friendly bamboo tissues are that they’re hypoallergenic, unscented, BPA-free, paraben-free, and non-GMO project verified.

In addition to your traditional rectangle tissue box, these sustainable tissues are also available in a cube box. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect size box to fit every spot in your house.

The Best Eco-Friendly Tissues for the Whole Family

We don’t think much about the environmental impact of the tissues we use, yet their role in deforestation is severe. Fortunately, the good news is that making the switch to eco-friendly tissue paper is one of those small changes that are very easy to handle.

The next time you need to reach for a tissue, you can make the more sustainable choice by selecting one of these best eco-friendly tissues.

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