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Best Gardening Subscription Boxes

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Best Gardening Subscription Boxes for Every Type of Gardener

Whether you have a green thumb and you’ve been gardening for years, or you’re just getting started with gardening, you can find a variety of the best gardening subscription boxes that will introduce you to new seeds, helpful gardening tools, and all the advice you need to help your garden grow.

Learn more about gardening or give a thoughtful gift to the gardener in your life when you check out these awesome gardening subscription boxes!

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1. Urban Organic Gardener

Urban Organic Gardener's (UOG) Seeds-of-the-Month Garden Club

Urban Organic Gardener takes all of the guesswork out of what to plant and when to plant it. That’s because once a month this gardening subscription box sends the highest quality non-GMO, heirloom seeds right to your house.

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These seeds are customized for you, your garden space, and your location. The box even includes seed starting supplies and instructions to make planting and growing your seeds as easy as possible! You can choose to plant the seeds when they arrive, or you can save them to build your own seed bank.

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2. My Garden Box

My Garden Box

My Garden Box is an outstanding subscription box for beginner and experienced gardeners alike. Each month, you’ll receive a plant-themed box that contains everything you need to build exciting garden projects.

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Every collection comes with either indoor or outdoor live plants. You’ll also receive step-by-step instructions on how to grow and take care of your plants, simple garden care tips, and the ingredients your plants need to grow. They even include fun plant facts that make these boxes great for the whole family.

3. House Plant Box

If you’re interested in trying out gardening, but you’d rather start with house plants, House Plant Box is the perfect choice! This unique subscription box service ships you a fresh and healthy house plant and care instructions each month.

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Best of all, the service offers a variety of subscription box options, so you can find the one that suits your needs. If you’re into succulents, check out the Succulent Box. Interested in growing herbs and other garden plants? The Seasonal Garden Box is just right for you.

Since some house plants can be toxic to pets, the service even has a Pet Friendly Box and Premium Pet Box so you can rest assured you’re getting something that’s safe to have around curious pets.

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4. Bloomin’ Bin

Bloomin' Bin

Bloomin’ Bin is an outstanding gardening subscription box to sign up for whether you’re just starting to nurture that green thumb or you’ve been growing plants for years. Every month, this service sends you in-season seeds to plant. All you have to provide is the soil, water, and sun!

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The service also has numerous plans to choose from, so you’ll have no problems finding one that provides what you need. You can choose to receive seeds for flowers, fruits and vegetables, or both.

There are also four plans available. They range from just seeds that have 3 to 5 seeds of the month to a premium box that might contain seeds, live plants, plant food, a grow bag or pot, a garden tool, and more.

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5. The Plant Club

The Plant Club

The Plant Club is another fantastic option to consider if you want to get started with houseplants. This gardening subscription box mostly sends houseplants. However, they sometimes like to bend the rules, so you never know what you might receive.

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The box will include everything you need to display and take care of your plant, including the plant itself, a pot, soil or food, accessories, a name tag, and care instructions.

6. Seed Bank Box

Seed Bank Box

When you’re ready to start eating delicious fruits and vegetables that taste a thousand times better than what you can find in the grocery store, Seed Bank Box is ready to help. This is one of the best gardening subscription boxes because it comes with what you need to get your urban garden growing.

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Every month, you’ll receive a box that contains organic, non-GMO seeds you can plant in your garden. The seeds will range from root vegetables and vining vegetables to leafy greens, fruit plants, and edible flowers. You might even receive rare seeds for fruits and vegetables that you never find in the grocery store!

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7. A Gardening We Grow

A Gardening We Grow

If you’re looking for a fun way to get your kids into gardening, sign them up for A Gardening We Grow subscription box. Each month, they’ll receive a hands-on, educational kit that includes a compostable garden box, organic soil, a growing guide, an activity sheet, and over 100 non-GMO microgreen seeds.

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Microgreen seeds are an awesome choice for children who are just learning how to garden because they grow incredibly fast. Most microgreens are ready to harvest and eat in just one week! They’re also packed with nutrition, which is crucial for growing bodies.

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8. Easy Come Easy Grow

Easy Come Easy Grow

Since the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere experience opposite seasons throughout the year, it’s sometimes difficult for those living in the Southern Hemisphere to receive in-season seeds from gardening subscription boxes.

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If you live in Australia and you’re looking for one of the best gardening subscription boxes, check out Easy Come Easy Grow. Just like the name suggests, Easy Come Easy Grow wants to make gardening simple by shipping seasonal seeds right to your door.

Each month, you’ll receive grow cards and 3 different in-season herb or vegetable seeds that you can start growing right away. It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge backyard or a windowsill, you’ll be able to grow your own food from seeds that come from Australian companies.

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9. Seedle


Seedle is another great gardening subscription box for those who live in Australia. Every month, you’ll receive 3 certified organic seed varieties that have been expertly picked for your region and time of year.

The boxes also come with information cards that explain what you’re planting and how you can help it grow. This lets you get the most out of your plants and ensures you have a thriving vegetable patch throughout the year.

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10. Garden Outside the Box

Garden Outside The Box

If you think you can’t have a garden because you don’t have a big yard, think again! With Garden Outside the Box, you’ll receive organic, non-GMO seeds that you can grow inside or outside for year-round homegrown herbs and vegetables.

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This gardening subscription box comes with everything you need to get growing, including the seeds, peat pellets, plant name tags, and growing instructions.

11. My Garden House Box

My Garden House Box

My Garden House Box is another excellent option for anyone looking to get into indoor organic gardening. This subscription box was made for inexperienced and experienced gardeners alike.

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Each month, you’ll receive a box that contains a microgreens kit and 4 mystery non-GMO seeds. These seeds can range from herbs and peppers to succulents and bonsai trees, so you never know what you’ll be growing next!

You’ll also receive plenty of tools to help you get growing, such as a spray bottle, biodegradable pots, plant name tags, and growing and care instructions.

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12. Permaculture Gardens

Permaculture Gardens

Permaculture Gardens takes the guessing out of what to plant and when. Each month, this service sends you seeds that grow well in your climate. If possible, they’ll even send varieties native to where you live. Since you’ll be planting with the seasons, this ensures an extended yield and bountiful harvest.

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When you sign up, you get to choose which plan you want. If you select the Seed Sampler plan, you’ll receive the seasonal seeds each month. This is ideal if you already have all of the gardening supplies you need. If you choose the Pigeon Parcel plan, you’ll get seeds or plants, plant tags, and growing instructions.

The Best Gardening Subscription Boxes

Whether you want to start a garden for the first time, you want to discover new seeds and growing techniques, or you’re simply looking for an awesome gift for the gardener in your life, you can find everything you want and more when you check out these best gardening subscription boxes.

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