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The Best Eco-Friendly Paper Towels

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6 Best Eco-Friendly Paper Towels

One of the most important parts of having a zero waste kitchen is cutting back on paper towel waste. Obviously, the best eco-friendly paper towels are reusable ones that you don’t throw away.

When we made the switch to these organic cotton unpaper towels, we dramatically reduced our paper towel use. Of course, I’m also a mom to a young boy and a cat. I understand that there are certain messes you need to clean up and dispose of immediately.

That’s why I also keep a roll of these best eco-friendly paper towels handy. If you’re looking for the best eco-friendly paper towels for your home, you’ll love these sustainable options.

1. Who Gives a Crap

You might be familiar with Who Gives a Crap because they make outstanding eco-friendly toilet paper. But did you know they also make eco-friendly paper towels?

Their forest-friendly paper towels are made from a blend of sustainable bamboo and sugarcane. This unique blend makes these paper towels incredibly strong and absorbent.

And we’re not talking about towels that say they’re strong and then fall apart the second they touch water. We’re talking strong enough to clean up even the dirtiest and stickiest of messes.

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Best of all, not only is Who Gives a Crap committed to making products that are better for the planet, but they’re also dedicated to making the planet a better place!

This B Corp-certified company uses carbon neutral shipping and donates 50% of its profits to charity partners that help improve water, hygiene, and sanitation systems in developing communities.

2. Reel Paper Towels

Reel is another fantastic company to consider when you’re looking for some of the best eco-friendly paper towels. Since these paper towels are made from 100% FSC-certified recycled fiber, they’re completely tree-free. They’re also biodegradable and free of inks, dyes, chlorine, and fragrance.

If you’re trying to reduce your plastic use, you’ll be pleased to know these paper towels are fully plastic-free and BPA-free since each roll is wrapped with recycled paper.

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The two-ply paper towels are also extra absorbent, which makes it easier to clean up all those messes. Even better, the rolls are conveniently delivered right to your door with free shipping in the contiguous United States.

3. Repurpose

Repurpose, the same company that makes it amazingly easy and affordable to have a zero waste cookout, also has premium bamboo paper towels that are strong and thick enough to take care of all types of messes around the house.

These tree-free paper towels are made from 100% FSC-certified bamboo. They’re 3-ply and textured, which means they can easily soak up water, scrub away sticky messes, and more.

Plus, in addition to being free of fragrance and elemental chlorine, these sustainably sourced paper towels are completely free of plastic! Each one is wrapped in a zero waste paper packaging, and they ship in a recyclable or compostable cardboard box.

If you decide to try out Repurpose bamboo paper towels, be sure to use the code EARTHTIPS to enjoy 15% off your order!

4. Caboo

Caboo is another fantastic option if you’re looking for tree-free paper towels. These eco-friendly paper towels are made from sugarcane and panda-friendly bamboo, which are both are fast-growing grasses that give you a natural and sustainable option.

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In fact, bamboo and sugarcane can grow back in as little as 3 to 4 months, whereas trees can take up to 30 years to grow back.

These two-ply paper towels are strong, durable, and super absorbent. They’re also non-GMO project verified, hypoallergenic, and free of lint, fragrance, BPA, parabens, and chlorine.

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5. The Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda makes eco-friendly paper towels from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo paper towels offer plenty of advantages over traditional paper towels.

First, using bamboo means 65% less carbon emissions are released when compared to using trees. Additionally, the panda-friendly and organically grown bamboo comes from FSC-certified forests.

Best of all, not only are these paper towels vegan certified, but they’re also incredibly strong and absorbent, so you’ll have no issues cleaning up those messes.

The paper towels are delivered to your home in cardboard boxes that use paper tape, which means you won’t have to deal with any plastic at all.

Plus, The Cheeky Panda does more than offer sustainable products. The company is also part of an initiative called Earth, Ocean & People. This initiative helps support The World Land Trust, Whale & Dolphin Conservation, and Toilet Twinning to create a happier and healthier planet for everyone.

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6. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation has two great options for eco-friendly paper towels. These white paper towels are made of 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled content.

Even though they’re white, these paper towels aren’t whitened using chlorine. They also don’t contain any dyes, inks, or fragrances. This means they’re completely compostable.

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Your other option are these unbleached paper towels. The two-ply paper towels are made with a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled content. They’re also made without inks, dyes, or fragrances.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll enjoy paper towels that absorb quickly and work great even when they’re wet.

7. Marcal

Marcal offers Green Seal Certified paper towels made from 100% recycled paper. The company has developed technology that recycles waste paper into pulp for tree-free paper towels.

The strong, two-ply paper towels are embossed for added absorbency. Plus, not only are these paper towels whitened without chemicals, but they also contain no chlorine, added dyes, or fragrances.

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8. Nature’s Greatest

Nature’s Greatest is another excellent tree-free paper towel option. These paper towels use panda-friendly bamboo and sugarcane fibers that are a natural by-product of sugar manufacturing. Together, these sustainable ingredients combine to create paper towels that have a soft and luxurious feel.

The Non-GMO Project Verified paper towels are also free of chlorine bleach, fragrances, and BPA. Plus, in addition to being completely biodegradable, the paper towels are also safe for your septic system.

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Best Eco-Friendly Paper Towels

While reusable paper towels are the best way to reduce waste in your home, there are some messes you need to clean up and throw away. When that happens, choose one of these best eco-friendly paper towels.

Since these tree-free paper towels are made using either bamboo or recycled paper, you can feel good knowing you’re making a sustainable choice and saving trees at the same time.

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