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Best Shave Soap in 2024

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Best Shave Soap for Zero Waste Shaving

When it’s time to shave, you can’t go wrong with this DIY shave gel. However, sometimes you might not have the ingredients available or have time for DIY. In that case, it’s always great to have some shave soap on hand.

These shave soaps are made with natural ingredients that will soothe, hydrate, and protect your skin during shaving. Even better, they won’t create any excess waste! Take a look at this list of the best shave soaps so you can pick out the one that will suit your needs.

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Why Use a Shave Soap?

There are plenty of excellent reasons why you might decide to switch from that can of shaving cream to a bar of shave soap. First, shave soap is significantly easier to pack when traveling. You never have to worry about the lid coming off or the bottle exploding under pressure and making a mess of everything in your bag.

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Shave soaps are also indispensable when you’re trying to create a zero waste bathroom. Although many shaving creams come in aluminum or steel aerosol cans, these cans have to be completely empty before they can be recycled. Plus, not all recycling centers have the capabilities to handle these types of aerosol cans.

The inability to recycle isn’t the only issue with aerosol cans. Although regulations have prohibited the use of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in aerosol cans, they still emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that increase the ground-layer ozone levels.

Not only are VOCs a key component of asthma-inducing smog, but they can also cause headaches, damage the liver and kidneys, irritate the eyes, and are known to cause some cancers.

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If all of that wasn’t bad enough, you then have to consider what types of chemicals are used to create shaving cream. Here are just a few of the controversial ingredients found in shaving cream:

  • Propolene glycol– A humectant frequently found in antifreeze and brake fluid.
  • Triethanolamine (TEA)– An emulsifying agent that’s a known skin irritant. Some TEA formulas also contain nitrosamines, which have been linked to cancer.
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)– A chemical that mimics estrogen.
  • Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES)– A chemical that often contains dioxane, which is a known carcinogen.

So now that you know why you should switch to a shaving soap, here are 11 great options to consider!

1. Jungle Culture Shaving Soap

Jungle Culture shave soap

Eco-friendly shaving soap bars by Jungle Culture are handmade in Vietnam using cruelty-free, palm-oil free, and chemical-free ingredients. Since they only use simple and natural ingredients, these bars are ideal for people with sensitive skin.

The long-lasting bars are cold pressed, which means they’ll last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, depending on how often you shave. This makes these sustainable shave bars a budget-friendly alternative to traditional shaving gels and foams.

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You’ll also appreciate that these shave bars are vegan-friendly, chemical-free, parabens-free, and naturally enriched with high-quality essentials oils for a lavish aroma.

2. Organic Shaving Soap

This organic shaving soap will help you eliminate bumps and itchy skin after you shave. It’s made with organic coconut oil and avocado oil to soothe and nourish your skin. It also contains lemon, lime, and lavender essential oils to give it an amazing scent.

Plus, not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, but it also comes from one of the best zero waste online shops. This means you know you won’t have to deal with any excess plastic waste from packaging or shipping materials.

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3. Unearth Malee

This beer shave soap by Unearth Malee has a moisturizing formula that will protect your skin while shaving. Although it’s made with dark porter beer, it has an herbal and earthy fragrance that’s ideal for everyone.

The shave bar also contains bentonite clay and castor seed oil to give it a creamy lather and help your razor slide smoothly across your skin. It contains absolutely no synthetic fragrance oils, SLS, parabens, chemical preservatives, or palm oil.

Another awesome feature that makes this one of the best shave soaps is the paper it’s wrapped in. This outside wrapping is plantable flower seed paper. Instead of throwing it away, simply soak it in water, plant it, and watch the flowers grow!

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4. Fat and the Moon

This shave cream by Fat and the Moon contains olive oil and shea butter to protect your skin while shaving and prevent it from losing moisture. It also has rhassoul clay to help the razor glide smoothly against your skin and reduce nicks and cuts.

The creamy texture creates an outstanding lather. Plus, it’s highly concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way.

It comes in a recyclable glass container with a tin lid, which means you don’t have to deal with any plastic or aerosol canisters.

You can get this zero waste shave cream from EarthHero. If you decide to try it out, be sure to use the code EARTHFRIENDLY to get 10% off your order!

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5. Badger

If you’re tired of nicks, cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hairs, check out this shaving soap bar from Badger. This glycerin-rich bar contains aloe vera and coconut oil to help your razor glide smoothly over your skin for a bump-free and incredibly smooth shave.

The 100% plastic-free shave soap also contains essential oils that help reduce irritation and redness.

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6. Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company has a nice selection of shave soaps in different scents designed to help give you a smooth shave without sacrificing any quality of effectiveness.

This nourishing bar is enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, and clay to create an amazingly creamy lather that will help moisturize your skin and prevent razor burn. All of the ingredients are vegan, GMO-free, and cruelty-free.

If you’re interested in a light and fresh scent, go with this Lemon Lime Shaving Soap. Looking for a more masculine scent? This Rugged Spice Shaving Soap is exactly what you need.

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7. Well Kept

This natural citrus shaving soap from Well Kept makes it easy to get a smooth and close shave. It’s made with non-toxic ingredients like chamomile flower, lemongrass oil, and cocoa butter.

Not only do these ingredients create a light lather and leave your skin nourished, but they help provide an irritation-free shave!

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8. Aspen Kay Naturals

This aloe vera and calendula soap from Aspen Kay Naturals pulls triple duty. Not only can you use it as a shave soap, but you can also use it as a face soap AND a body soap.

This skin-nourishing soap is infused with organic aloe vera, organic calendula, organic unrefined shea butter, organic sunflower oil, and organic extra virgin olive oil. It’s also lightly scented with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

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It’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, never tested on animals, and made by hand in small batches to ensure quality.

Plus, all of the soaps are packaged using plastic-free and 100% compostable materials that are printed using vegetable inks.

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9. Plum Brilliance

Stop nicks and irritation the natural way with this nettles and clay shave soap from Plum Brilliance. The clay helps create a slippery lather that reduces the chances of cuts and irritation, and the nettles have astringent properties that help stop bleeding from accidental nicks.

The shaving soap bar is also handcrafted with botanicals from cedarwood and cocoa butter to soothe and nourish skin. Plus, it contains no sulfates, additives, parabens, or chemicals!

While you can simply rub the bar over your skin to create a lather, it works best when you use a shave brush.

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10. Formulary 55

This green clay and coconut shave soap from Formulary 55 is made with non-toxic and natural ingredients that include French green clay, powdered coconut milk, shea butter, and essential oils.

Not only is it certified cruelty-free and vegan, but it also contains absolutely no SLS, parabens, phthalates, and dyes.

The ultra-rich formula soothes your skin and provides the perfect amount of lather to help the razor glide easily over your skin. Plus, it features a fresh and invigorating scent you’ll love!

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11. Etee Organic Shaving Bar

Etee makes a variety of outstanding products that can you help reduce waste around the house, and their organic shaving bar is no exception.

This plant-based shave bar creates a frothy foam that will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Yet it doesn’t have to use any sulphates, parabens, or harsh chemicals to create the foam or smooth your skin.

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Instead, it simply uses organic ingredients and naturally foaming and moisturizing properties. Plus, this vegan shaving soap is available in Lavender and Black Forest scents, so it’s perfect for men and women!

Get a Smooth Shave With the Best Shave Soap

You’ll never have to deal with wasteful cans of shaving cream that contain chemicals that are bad for your health and the environment ever again. Instead, you can make the switch to one of these best shave soap bars and enjoy how easy it is to get a close, smooth shave using natural ingredients.

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