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How to Make Homemade Tile Floor Cleaner

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How to Make Homemade Tile Floor Cleaner

You don’t have to turn to expensive and potentially toxic products to get your tile floors clean. Instead, you only need to learn how to make this homemade tile floor cleaner that requires just a few simple ingredients.

Don’t have time to DIY? That’s OK! Simply check out this post on the best eco-friendly floor cleaner to find a variety of options that are great for tile floors.

The Problem With Store-Bought Tile Cleaner

While tile floors are pretty easy to maintain, like every floor in your house, they do need cleaned. While you might be tempted to reach for a store-bought cleaner, you could be doing your family and the environment harm when you do.

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For example, consider your average bottle of Pine-Sol all-purpose cleaner. It smells like a forest and has pictures of trees on it, so it can’t be that bad, right?

Unfortunately, the Environmental Working Group gives Pine-Sol a “D” grade. These are just some of the concerning ingredients found in a bottle of Pine-Sol:

  • Cleaning agents: High aquatic toxicity.
  • Ethoxylated undecyl alcohol: Some concern for cancer, skin irritation, respiratory and digestive system effects, and aquatic toxicity.
  • Formaldehyde: Some concern for cancer, respiratory and general organ effects, and skin irritation.
  • Benzoic acid: Some concern for respiratory and nervous system effects, developmental and reproductive effects, and damage to vision.

And these are just the ingredients we know about. The bottle also lists “fragrances” as an ingredient.

The problem with “fragrances” is that companies say they’re proprietary secrets. This means they don’t have to tell us what these “fragrances” actually are or what type of damage they can do to us and the environment.

Slapping the word “fragrance” on the bottle could hide thousands of other ingredients.

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Homemade Tile Floor Cleaner Without Vinegar

At this point, it’s easy to see why you want to make a homemade tile floor cleaner.

You’ll notice that this DIY tile floor cleaner doesn’t contain vinegar. That’s because unsealed tile is one of the many items around your house you should never clean with vinegar.

While vinegar makes a great natural cleaner and can clean a lot of surprising things around the house, it’s too strong and acidic for unsealed tile. In fact, it can actually pit, etch, and damage tile.



  1. Put the baking soda in the spray bottle.
  2. Add the water and liquid castile soap.
  3. Swirl the bottle gently to combine all of the ingredients.
  4. Spray the solution on your tile floor, and then use an organic unbleached cotton unpaper towel to wipe up the solution.

DIY Natural Cleaning Recipe Cards

If you’re like me, one of the biggest issues you have with making your own DIY cleaning products is actually remembering the ingredients. Well, that’s not a problem anymore!

Natural cleaning recipe cards

We’ve put together this awesome DIY cleaning products bundle that includes recipe cards and labels for over 25 natural cleaning products! You’ll also get a cheat sheet on natural cleaning ingredients you shouldn’t combine and a list of my favorite essential oil cleaning blends.

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A Few Notes About Homemade Tile Floor Cleaner

I use unscented castile soap when I make my tile floor cleaner. However, if you want to have a light fragrance when you’re cleaning, you can use one of the scented varieties.

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Some good options for cleaning include:

That being said, I would avoid any citrus scented castile soaps since lemon can also damage stone.

When I use my tile floor cleaner, I simply put the cotton unpaper towel on the head of a Swiffer mop to clean up the solution. Repurposing an old Swiffer mop is an excellent and easy way to make your cleaning routine more eco-friendly.

Are you wondering why I only recommend using cotton unpaper towels for cleaning? See why cotton unpaper towels are more eco-friendly than microfiber cleaning cloths.

You can also easily clean the grout between your tiles with this homemade grout cleaner. You really need to check out the before and after pictures to see how incredibly effective the DIY grout cleaner actually is.

Like any other homemade cleaner, I recommend you test this DIY tile floor cleaner in an inconspicuous spot before using it on your entire floor.

Don’t forget about getting all of the other floors in your home clean. If you have carpets or rugs, this homemade carpet cleaner is outstanding. You can also use this homemade laminate floor cleaner or this homemade hardwood floor cleaner for your wood floors.

Making DIY Tile Floor Cleaner

You don’t have to worry about exposing your family and the environment to dangerous and potentially toxic chemicals when you make this homemade tile floor cleaner.

More Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Now that you see how easy it is to make homemade tile floor cleaner, are you interested in even more excellent tips for natural cleaning? Then be sure to check out some of our other popular posts:

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Monday 10th of August 2020

I’m finding that the solution leaves film on my tile floor. I’ve been using a second microfiber cloth that’s wet/damp to wipe up. Is this something that you’ve found? Or have I done something wrong?!


Monday 10th of August 2020

I actually haven't had this problem, but the hardness or softness of your water can make your cleaning solution react differently. Since you're getting a film on your floor, I would recommend cutting back on the amount of castile soap you use. Try using 1.5 teaspoons of castile soap and see if that helps eliminate the film.


Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Hi, curious if I can replace the castille soap with something else? Unfortunately, it's not easy to find in my country (also, not that cheap).


Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Absolutely. While a biodegradable soap is ideal, if that's hard to find, you can also use dish soap.

Sarah White

Friday 13th of March 2020

Thank you for this post Kristen! I just found your blog on Pinterest and decided I would try out this tile cleaner and it worked wonders on my kitchen floor! I usually have a local tile cleaner come out and clean my floors about ever year (they are green-friendly!) but with your solution I can go much longer in between these cleanings! Thank you! I can't wait to read more of your posts :)


Saturday 14th of March 2020

I'm so glad this works well for you!

Alice Baker

Monday 16th of December 2019

More about what you up I can use them or I can't guess I got COPD and everything else that goes with it I got 15% oxygen going through my lungs add email it to me or email it that be great I can't have no perfume no chemicals no nothing and what would be good for hardwood floors to clean them thank you very much Alice Baker


Wednesday 18th of December 2019

Since you can't have any perfumes or chemicals, I recommend using unscented castile soap and leaving out the essential oils.

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