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Awesome Upcycled Christmas Gifts

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21 of the Best Upcycled Christmas Gifts

Part of the joy of Christmas is giving our loved ones gifts to show how much we care. Unfortunately, these gifts can sometimes lead to excess waste. If you’re trying to have a more eco-friendly Christmas this year, check out these awesome upcycled Christmas gifts you can give.

What Are Upcycled Christmas Gifts?

Upcycling is the act of taking old or discarded items and making them into something new and useful. Upcycling is an important part of eco-friendly living because it helps keep waste out of the landfill.

Plus, not only is upcycling eco-friendly, but it can also help you save money! This holiday, you can make something for everyone on your list when you check out some of these ideas for great upcycled Christmas gifts.

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Plus, don’t forget to check out this list of the best eco-friendly Christmas cards to make your upcycled gift complete!

1. Rainbow Crayon Candle

Upcycled rainbow candles

If your kids are anything like my son, they leave behind a ton of broken crayons that are too small to use. Instead of throwing away those bits and pieces of crayons, you can use them to make these gorgeous rainbow crayon candles.

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2. Decorative Candle Holder

Upcycled decorative candle holders

Need a cute way to display those DIY rainbow candles you just made? Take some old small plates and mugs you have around your house and no longer use and turn them into these decorative candle holders.

3. Chemical Formula Salt and Pepper Shaker

Upcycled salt and pepper shaker

Do you have a scientist in your family? If so, you can give them something unique this Christmas when you take two upcycled shaker bottles and turn them into DIY chemical formula salt and pepper shakers.

4. Kisses From the Misses Bottle

Upcycled Kisses From the Misses

The next time you buy a Starbucks frappuccino, save the glass bottle so you can upcycle it into this adorable Kisses From the Misses bottle. It’s an incredibly easy gift to make and absolutely perfect if your partner loves chocolate.

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5. Marbled Nail Polish Mug

Upcycled DIY marbled mugs

If you have some plain old white mugs, you can give them some pizzazz and turn them into fantastic upcycled Christmas gifts by following these simple directions on how to make DIY marbled nail polish mugs.

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6. Memory Jar

DIY memory jar

Give your loved ones a place where they can write down and store all of their favorite memories of the coming year when you upcycle a glass jar to make this lovely DIY memory jar.

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7. Headband From T-Shirt Scraps

Upcycled T-shirt headbands

Do you have some T-shirts that are too worn to donate? Don’t throw them away! Instead, check out this great tutorial to see how easy it is to make a headband from T-shirt scraps.

8. Feed Sack Tote Bag

Upcycled feed sack bags

Rather than throw away old feed sacks, you can upcycle them into feed sack tote bags. Feed sacks are durable and can be made into any size, which makes them ideal for shopping, traveling, carrying library books, and more.

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9. Sock Teddy

Upcycled sock teddy

If you’re cleaning out old socks, you might come across some that are worn out or have holes in them. Rather than throwing them away, you can give them a good wash and turn them into this adorable sock teddy.

10. Jeans Cuff Bracelet

Upcycled Jeans Cuff Bracelet

You can make a beautiful and unique accessory when you upcycle the waistband from an old pair of jeans into these darling jeans cuff bracelets.

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11. Homemade Earrings Holder

Upcycled homemade earring holder

Tossing earrings into a jewelry box can break or tangle them. Help your gift recipients protect their favorite dangle earrings by upcycling an old cheese grater into a homemade earrings holder.

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12. Jewelry Organizer

Upcycled jewelry organizer

Another great way to help your gift recipients arrange and display their favorite jewelry is by upcycling an old piece of wood into this lovely DIY jewelry organizer.

13. Bottle Cap Christmas Tree

Upcycled Bottle Cap Trees

If you have a collection of bottle caps from beer or soda bottles, you can upcycle them into adorable gifts by making these bottle cap Christmas trees.

14. Christmas Coasters

Upcycled Christmas coasters

Take those old Christmas cards from last year and use them to make beautiful DIY Christmas coasters. Don’t have old Christmas cards? You can also use old postcards or pictures.

15. Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box

Upcycled Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box

If you’re looking for a fun box you can use to package your Christmas gifts, consider these toilet paper roll gift boxes that are incredibly easy to make.

Also, if you want some more eco-friendly ways to wrap presents, check out these awesome zero waste gift wrap ideas.

16. Clothespin Magnets

Upcycled Christmas magnets

Need a simple Christmas craft that even kids can handle? Take those old clothespins and turn them into functional and pretty clothespins magnets that your gift recipients can use to hang up important notes, shopping lists, artwork, and more on the refrigerator.

17. Marble Coasters

Upcycled marble tile coasters

Did you know that leftover tiles can make excellent upcycled Christmas gifts? They can when you check out this tutorial on how to make DIY marble coasters!

18. Leather Bookmark

Upcycled leather bookmark

If you have some leather scraps leftover from crafting or an old leather chair or couch that you’re planning to get rid of, you can upcycle the leather into beautiful DIY leather bookmarks. Even better, it’s incredibly simple to personalize these bookmarks for everyone on your list.

19. Interlocking Building Blocks

Upcycled interlocking building blocks

If you have a young child on your list who loves to build things, skip those plastic blocks and upcycle some scraps of wood to give them these DIY interlocking building blocks.

20. Christmas Stocking Ornament

Upcycled Christmas stocking

Your kids can get in on the upcycling fun by taking an old paper bag and a few simple craft supplies to make these adorable Christmas stocking ornaments.

21. Treat Jar

Upcycled treat jars

Whether you have someone on your list with pets, or you have kids who need jars where they can store all of their knickknacks, you can upcycle some old glass jars and funky figurines into these awesome DIY treat jars.

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Outstanding Upcycled Christmas Gifts

This holiday season, you can give personalized gifts that can help cut down on waste that ends up in the landfill when you create some of these excellent upcycled Christmas gifts.

Plus, don’t forget you can give upcycled gifts for other holidays as well. If you’re looking for a little inspiration for Valentine’s Day, this post has over 15 amazing upcycled Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

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