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How to Remove Rust From Metal

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How to Remove Rust From Metal With One Simple Item

Stainless steel and tin are excellent alternatives to plastic. However, if they’re often exposed to moisture, they can start to rust. Fortunately, when you learn how to remove rust from metal, you can keep your tin and stainless steel looking great and functioning properly for years to come.

Even better, not only does this easy hack for removing rust from tin and stainless steel only require one simple item, but you can also use it to naturally remove rust from toys, tools, utensils, containers, pots, pans, and more!

The Problem With Rust

To make a shampoo bar last as long as possible, you have to protect it from excess water and let it completely dry out between uses. I use this shampoo bar because it actually leaves my hair feeling light and clean.

I keep it on a shower rack and place this storage tin over it to protect it and let it dry out when I’m not using it. As an added bonus, I can simply put the lid on the tin and easily bring my shampoo bar with me when I’m traveling!

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Of course, since I keep the tin in my shower, it’s exposed to water every single day, and it was starting to get some rust on it.

The problem with rust is that it’s unsightly and it will eat away at the metal until it eventually destroys the whole thing. Since we’re always trying to reduce our waste to help out the planet, we obviously want our items to last as long as possible

A Natural Way to Remove Rust From Metal

If you’re searching for how to remove rust from metal, you’ll likely come across numerous natural solutions, such as cleaning the items with citric acid or soaking them in white vinegar.

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While these natural solutions usually work, there are a few problems with them. First of all, citric acid isn’t something people usually have sitting around the house.

Plus, you have to let your items sit in the citric acid solution or the vinegar overnight, which means it can take a while before you see results. These solutions also won’t work on big items that you can’t possibly soak.

That’s why this copper scouring pad is the best way to naturally remove rust from metal.

How to Use a Copper Scouring Pad to Remove Rust From Metal

Redecker Copper Scouring Pad

Using a copper scouring pad to remove rust from metal is amazingly easy. All you have to do is wet the scouring pad and the metal. Then use a light, gentle scrubbing motion to rub the rust away.

Copper is a soft metal, so it won’t scratch pretty much any surface you use it on. Of course, it’s always a good idea to try it out on an inconspicuous spot first just to make sure.

If your scouring pad gets dirty, it’s machine washable in warm water. Simply place it in a cloth wash bag or an old sock before washing so it doesn’t accidentally catch on any of your other clothes in the wash.

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Because many scrap metal recyclers will take items that are at least 50% metal, and these scouring pads are 75% copper, you can recycle them when they reach the end of their useful life. Just check with your local scrap metal recycler to find out if they’ll accept them.

Since this copper scouring pad comes in a set of 2, you can use one to clean rust from your pots, pans, utensils, and other cookware in your kitchen, and you can use the other one to remove rust from tools, bikes, toys, storage containers, and other items around the house.

Plus, these scouring pads come from EarthHero, which is one of the best zero waste online stores for getting all of your eco-friendly essentials shipped right to your door without any plastic waste. If you decide to use this copper scouring pad to remove rust from metal, you can use the code EARTHFRIENDLY to take 10% off your order!

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Results of Copper Scouring Pad

Now that we’ve gone over all of the benefits of using a copper scouring pad to remove rust from tin and stainless steel, let’s take a look at the most important part: the results!

Here’s the shampoo bar storage tin I was talking about earlier. You can clearly see the rust spots forming both inside and outside the container.

Tin storage container with rust spots

And here’s what happened after just a few minutes using the copper scouring pad. You can see the rust is already starting to go away!

After picture of tin storage container without rust spots

Looking for even more proof that this is the easiest way to remove rust from metal? Then check out this storage container. I use it to hold my homemade coffee body scrub.

Before picture of glass storage container with rusty hinge

As you can tell, I’ve really neglected it. The rust on the hinge was so bad I was having a hard time opening and closing it. Now take a look at it!

After picture of glass storage container with rust-free hinge

The copper scouring pad did such a good job the hinge almost looks like new. Best of all, it’s now really easy to open and close.

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The Easy Way to Remove Rust From Metal

If you have rust on your tin or stainless steel, you don’t have to throw them away. Instead, simply use this copper scouring pad to easily remove rust from metal and enjoy using your items for years to come.

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