Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Kids in 2021

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Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Kids

Sustainable clothing offers a variety of important benefits over fast fashion. If you’re trying to help your kids appreciate the environment and live an eco-friendly life, choose some of these best sustainable clothing brands for kids.

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The Problem With Fast Fashion for Kids

As a parent, it’s really easy to fall into the fast fashion trap. I know for the few first few years of my son’s life, I was guilty of buying fast fashion clothes for him.

Kids grow fast, so it can feel like you’re buying new clothes all the time. When they’re participating in eco-friendly outdoor activities, they can sometimes play a little too rough and damage their clothes. So we think it’s just better to buy the cheap fast fashion clothing.

However, there are so major issues with fast fashion. First, they’re cheap. We all know the saying about getting what we pay for. This is especially true with clothing.

We buy cheap clothes for our kids because we think they’ll wear holes in them too quickly, but then our kids wear holes in them too quickly because they’re cheap clothes.

This isn’t the only problem with fast fashion for kids. There are also environmental and ethical issues. Other problems with fast fashion include:

  • Wasting an incredible amount of freshwater.
  • Creating a ton of excess garbage.
  • Using harmful chemicals when growing fibers to make the clothes.
  • Using toxic dyes and finishes.

Plus, many fast fashion manufacturers have dreadful and unsafe working conditions in their factories. Even worse, some use child and slave labor to make their clothes as cheaply as possible.

Benefits of Sustainable Clothing Brands for Kids

While fast fashion is bad, that doesn’t mean we all have to walk around naked! There is a better choice: sustainable clothing brands for kids.

Sustainable clothing brands for kids offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Attempting to reduce waste as much as possible.
  • Using natural dyes instead of harmful chemicals.
  • Making clothes with organic fibers to protect the environment.
  • Using fair labor practices to protect their workers.

Many sustainable clothing brands for kids also make their pieces adjustable to grow with children. This means your kids can wear the same piece longer for a longer amount of time and save you money.

If you’re interested in getting some of the best sustainable clothing brands for kids, check out these top options.

1. Beya Made

Beya Made uses durable, stain-resistant, and sustainable fabrics to make clothing that solves one of the biggest problem with children’s clothes: they just grow too darn fast!

By designing clothes that adjust to fit a growing body, your children can wear their Beya Made clothes up to 3x longer than fast fashion brands. Best of all, you can find everything from pants and tops to rompers and dresses, which makes it easy to get everything your kids need.

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2. Tentree

Kids Juniper T-shirt

Your kids will be kinder to the planet when they wear Tentree. This line of eco-friendly clothing is ethically made using sustainable materials and respectful manufacturing practices.

However, what makes Tentree stand out isn’t just its stylish designs and sustainable practices. The company is also hard at work planting trees around the world.

Every item you purchase helps plant 10 trees. Each piece of clothing comes with a unique code that lets you track your trees and discover where they’ll be planted.

Plus, in addition to awesome children’s clothing, Tentree also makes stylish clothes for adults and some of the best sustainable activewear.

3. Pact

Pact makes comfortable and sustainable clothing for both babies and kids. If you’re shopping for babies, you’ll find adorable bodysuits, tops, and bottoms. For kids, you can shop for everything from underwear and sleepwear to tops and bottoms for boys and girls.

These clothes start with amazingly soft organic cotton. Next, Pact pairs with Fair Trade Certified factories to make sure the people making the clothes have safe working conditions.

To ensure your clothes are sustainable from start to finish, Pact also uses thoughtful shipping packages and carbon offset shipping. You can even use Pact’s shipping box to donate your old clothes to nonprofits.

Best of all, not only are the clothes from Pact sustainable, but they’re also affordable! So you don’t have to break the bank getting eco-friendly clothes for your kids.

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4. The Kinder Voice

My son and I love T-shirts from The Kinder Voice for two main reasons. One, they have positive and uplifting messages that promote kindness to self and others. Two, the shirts are made using eco-friendly materials and practices that are better for the environment.

These kinder choices include certified organic cotton, recycled polyester, and water-based inks that are free of PVC and phthalates.

Additionally, The Kinder Voice ships its shirts using 100% recycled materials. They’re also proud members of 1% for the Planet, which donates money to environmental nonprofits helping to save the planet.

If you decide to pick up one of the awesome shirts from The Kinder Voice, be sure to use the code EARTHFRIENDLY15 to take 15% off your order!

5. Jackalo

If you have active children, you’ll love Jackalo. This sustainable clothing brand for children was created by a mom of two active kids, so you know the clothes can withstand long days of play.

All of the clothes are fairly made with organic cotton, which is better for the environment. The pants are also reinforced at the knees to stand up to all that running, jumping, crawling, and climbing.

Plus, since kids will eventually outgrow their clothes, Jackalo offers a TradeUp program. When your kid outgrows any piece of Jackalo clothing, simply send it back and you’ll get a $15 discount on your next purchase.

The company will then wash, repair, and resell the clothing for a discount. Anything that can’t be resold will be upcycled or responsibly recycled.

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6. United by Blue

Not only does United by Blue make outstanding sustainable clothing for adults and some of the best sustainable swimwear, but it’s also one of the top sustainable clothing brands for children. You can find boys and girls styles that range in size from 2T to a children’s large.

The company creates clothes that last because they believe the best way to be a conscious consumer is to actually consume less. They also create their clothing in GOTS-certified factories using sustainably sourced materials.

Best of all, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from our oceans and waterways for every product purchased.

You can get United by Blue children’s clothing at EarthHero. If you decide to shop here, be sure to use the code EARTHFRIENDLY to take 10% off your order!

7. Patagonia

You’re probably familiar with Patagonia for its outdoor clothing and gear. However, what you might not realize is that the company also has a great selection of clothing for kids and babies. The collection of high-quality, multi-functional clothing includes outerwear, shorts, pants, and shirts for girls and boys.

Patagonia designs its clothes to last, so it guarantees everything it makes. That means you can rest assured your kids will get plenty of use from the pieces you buy.

Plus, thanks to the company’s Worn Wear program, you can trade in used clothing to keep it out of landfills. This program is also a fantastic way to buy quality Patagonia kids’ clothing at an affordable price!

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8. Seek Dry Goods

If you have children who love to hike or explore nature, they’ll enjoy showing off their favorite pastime with Seek Dry Goods. The company uses organic and recycled materials to create clothing with authentic designs inspired by outdoor adventure.

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Seek Dry Goods also believes in giving back. That’s why they’re a proud member of 1% for the Planet and they donate up to 10% to various outdoor-focused nonprofit organizations.

9. Little Lentil Clothing

Little Lentil Clothing is a sustainable clothing brand for kids that creates products with parents, children, and the Earth in mind. The clothes are made with high-quality fabrics and materials, including 100% certified organic cotton and low-impact dyes.

The company also sources clothes produced with fair labor practices. Plus, they’re a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate a portion of sales to important environmental causes.

Additionally, Little Lentil Clothing has a unique sustainability initiative that can help you save money and the environment. Using their Send-Back Program, you can return your children’s pre-loved clothes for 20% off your next order.

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10. Noble Carriage

Oeuf Organic Tank in Piata

Noble Carriage offers sustainable children’s clothes that range in size from newborn to 5T. The company sells clothing that’s handmade in the United States using 100% certified organic materials and fair labor practices.

In addition to adorable clothing, Noble Carriage also has a great selection of wood toys and handmade dolls, which means your kids will have everything they need to live a more sustainable life.

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Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands for Kids

Fast fashion creates a ton of waste, harms our planet, and hurts fellow humans by using harsh labor practices. Fortunately, there’s a better option when it comes to clothes for our children. By choosing one of these best sustainable clothing brands for kids, you can help your children look stylish and protect the environment at the same time!

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