Best Organic Weed Killer for Natural Lawn Care

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Best Natural and Organic Weed Killer

Weeds seem to pop up overnight and can completely takeover a yard or garden in just a matter of weeks. Fortunately, you don’t have to reach for potentially toxic weed killers to help fight the battle. Instead, choose a best organic weed killer that uses natural ingredients.

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Why Choose an Organic Weed Killer?

While it seems like some fruit and vegetable plants take weeks of proper care to start growing, weeds will grow pretty much anywhere they want to — and quickly! However, you might not feel comfortable using herbicides around your house.

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After all, you’ve probably read the news stories about a popular brand of weed killer being linked to cancer. Along with these health concerns, it’s important to remember that herbicides can remain active in the environment for long periods of time. This can contaminate soil and water and have adverse effects on beneficial insects, such as bees.

Obviously, the most eco-friendly weed killer is pulling out weeds by hand. But time and physical limitations, skin allergies, and other issues can make weeding by hand nearly impossible. That’s when you can use an organic weed killer.

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When shopping for the best organic weed killer, don’t grab the first product you see that claims to use natural ingredients. There’s a lot of greenwashing going on in this industry. Instead, read the labels and investigate the ingredients to make sure you’re actually getting one that’s natural.

You can also choose one of these best natural weed killers to help keep your yard and garden looking clean, neat, and free of weeds.

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1. Green Gobbler Weed and Grass Killer

In addition to making a fantastic natural drain cleaner, Green Gobbler also makes a fast-acting weed killer. Green Gobbler Weed and Grass Killer is a glyphosate-free herbicide that contains 20% vinegar to eliminate any type of weed in just a matter of hours.

This vinegar is four times stronger than traditional table vinegar, so it can remove crabgrass, dandelions, moss, clover, and more.

Everything is already mixed together, so you can use the weed killer straight from the bottle. Simply spray it anywhere you need to get rid of weeds, including driveways, pavers, sidewalks, and mulched flower beds. Just keep in mind that this is a non-selective weed killer, so you want to make sure you don’t use it on healthy grass or plants you want to keep.

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2. DIY Weed Killer

If you like to DIY, you can make your own homemade weed killer using a few simple and natural ingredients. Simply mix the ingredients together in a pump sprayer. Then spray the mixture first thing in the morning to let the sun bake the ingredients into weeds and kill them.

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3. Bonide BurnOut

Bonide BurnOut makes a concentrated weed killer that you mix with water and use to treat broadleaf weeds and annual grasses. The weed killing formula starts working in just hours. Plus, once the product dries, it becomes waterproof and keeps working.

Since the organic weed killer contains natural ingredients, it’s safe to use around people and pets. You can also use it on driveways, sidewalks, around buildings, fence lines, and more.

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4. Natural Armor 30% Vinegar Natural Concentrate

Natural Armor 30% Vinegar Natural Concentrate contains vinegar that’s six times more potent than household vinegar. You can use this eco-friendly non-selective weed killer to remove weeds from fence lines, driveways, sidewalks, and patio pavers.

Plus, since this is all-natural vinegar, you can also use it to take care of cleaning tasks around your home, like deodorizing toilets, removing calcium and lime deposits, taking care of soap scum film, and more.

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Just keep in mind that this concentrate is STRONG, so you need to be careful where you use it. Plus, you definitely want to make sure you don’t use it on these 8 things you should never clean with vinegar.

5. Dr. Earth Final Stop Weed & Grass Killer

Dr. Earth Final Stop Weed & Grass Killer is a ready-to-use natural herbicide that kills grasses and broadleaf weeds to the roots. Even though the highly effective formula works quickly to kill unwanted weeds, it’s safe people and pets.

For best results, use this eco-friendly weed killer in the hottest part of the day and watch those weeds start to wither away almost instantly.

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6. Earthborn Elements Borax Powder

Not only can you use borax to naturally get rid of ants, but it also makes an effective weed killer. To use it, mix 10 ounces of Earthborn Elements Borax Powder with a 1/2 cup of hot water. Stir until the powder dissolves. Next, pour 2.5 gallons of water into a pump sprayer and add the solution.

You can now spray this solution directly on weeds. Like most other natural weed killers, this borax solution is a non-selective weed killer, so you need to make sure you’re only spraying weeds you want to get rid of and not spraying around desired plants.

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7. Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed & Grass Killer

Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed & Grass Killer doesn’t contain glyphosate or hormone-disrupting chemicals. Instead, the natural weed killer is made with commercial-strength vinegar, ocean salt water, and soap. The non-selective herbicide is suitable for killing all types vegetation and can be used on driveways, sidewalks, pavers, and sidewalks.

It comes premixed and ready to go in a large jug. All you have to do is add some to a spray bottle or pump sprayer and start spraying the weeds you want gone.

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8. ECO Garden PRO Organic Weed Killer

ECO Garden PRO Organic Weed Killer makes an organic weed killer using natural ingredients. Even though this weed killer offers immediate results, it’s safe for kids, pets, bees, fish, and livestock.

You can use this organic weed killer on sidewalks, driveways, flower beds, mulch beds, and more. It can also work to kill a variety of weeds, including crabgrass, dandelions, chickweed, clover, thistle, moss, and poison ivy.

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The Best Organic Weed Killer for Lawns

You don’t have to turn to dangerous herbicides that can cause all types of problems for your health and the environment to get rid of weeds around your yard. Instead, select one of these best organic weed killers to effectively eliminate unwanted weeds.

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