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Epic Ideas to Recycle Christmas Cards

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How to Recycle Christmas Cards

You love receiving those beautiful Christmas cards. But what can you do with them when the holidays are over? It’s a waste to throw them away. Instead, discover how to recycle Christmas cards or upcycle them into something special you can cherish for years to come.

Make Christmas Cards More Eco-Friendly

Sending Christmas cards is a heartwarming tradition. But it can also be a wasteful one. After all, a lot of people simply end up throwing away the cards they receive. If you’re trying to celebrate a sustainable Christmas, there are ways to make holiday cards more eco-friendly.

While sending e-cards is an obvious option because they create no waste, they can also feel a little cold and impersonal. Fortunately, they’re not the only option.

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In previous years, I have sent these beautiful tree-free Christmas cards. The cards are printed in the USA using solar power and made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper cardstock. Since the cards are processed without any chlorine, they can be recycled after the holidays.

Another option that I absolutely love and have used before are these seeded Christmas cards. The cards have wildflower seeds embedded in the 100% post-industrial, recycled paper.

When the holidays are over, simply soak the card in water, tear it up, plant it under a thin layer of soil, and watch as lovely wildflowers start to grow and bloom.

The cards are made in a solar-powered production facility and use corn-based packaging, water-based inks, and all-natural, vegetable-based pigments and dyes for an eco-friendly and zero waste Christmas card.

Even better, you can get seeded gift tags and seeded wrapping paper that you can use for zero waste gift wrap and completely eliminate all types of waste from your Christmas celebrations!

Are you looking for even more outstanding greeting card options that your friends and family will love displaying around the holidays? Then be sure to check out these top eco-friendly Christmas cards.

What to Do With Old Christmas Cards

When the holidays are over and it’s time to get rid of your old Christmas cards, you have several options besides throwing them away. Check out these choices to pick one that works best for you.

  • Recycle Old Greeting Cards: If your old Christmas cards are paper, you can toss them in your paper recycling bin. Just make sure you remove any glitter, ribbons, foil, or felt since these items can’t be recycled.
  • Donate Old Christmas Cards: If you have cards that you can’t recycle, consider donating them. St. Jude’s Ranch for Children accepts most greeting card donations. The kids there use these cards to craft them into something new. You can also check with other schools and nonprofits in your local area to see if they have a similar program.
  • Reuse Christmas Cards: Feeling a little crafty? You can also recycle Christmas cards by reusing them and transforming them into something new.

DIY Christmas Card Crafts

If you decide to recycle your Christmas cards, then break out your crafting supplies and check out some of these fun and unique ideas. These DIY Christmas card crafts make great gifts or special keepsakes you can enjoy for years to come. Don’t forget, if you’re looking for even more DIY inspiration, you can check out some of these unique upcycled Christmas gifts to make.

1. Decorative Matchboxes

You can upcycle your old Christmas cards to create lovely DIY decorative matchboxes to give as a gift with beautiful candles.

2. Gift Boxes

If you have several Christmas cards, you can use them to make these sweet little gift boxes that are perfect for giving gifts next year.

3. Gift Toppers

If you make the DIY gift boxes from Christmas cards, don’t forget to make some gift toppers out of your other old Christmas cards. Since these gift toppers hold up better than bows, they’re especially great if you mail Christmas presents!

4. Gift Card Holders

You can create easy-to-make gift card sleeves from old Christmas cards to dress up a simple gift card and turn it into something special.

5. Card Coasters

Another awesome way to recycle Christmas cards is to turn them into these fun coasters. This is an especially great idea if you have Christmas cards with family pictures on them. You can keep the coasters for yourself or give them as a thoughtful gift.

6. Vintage Printers Tray

You can recycle Christmas cards to create and style this DIY vintage printers tray that makes an adorable Christmas decoration.

7. Christmas Card Ornaments

These ornaments are made from recycled holiday cards and make lovely gifts for teachers, grandparents, and pretty much everyone else on your gift list!

8. New Christmas Cards

Looking for a unique way to reuse Christmas cards? Then use old cards from last year to make new Christmas cards you can send next year.

9. Gift Tags

It’s incredibly easy to turn those old Christmas cards into gift tags that you can use on the presents you hand out next year.

10. Christmas Card Crate

If you keep old Christmas cards every year, here’s an easy way to recycle those cards and make a DIY Christmas card crate that you can use to hold decorations, next year’s cards, and more!

Simple Ways to Recycle Christmas Cards

Your favorite holiday traditions don’t have to cause excess waste. Thanks to these unique ideas, you’ll have no problems deciding how to recycle Christmas cards after the holidays are over.

More Eco-Friendly Holiday Ideas

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