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Best Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products

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23 Must-Have Products for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom is typically one of the smallest rooms in the house, yet it’s filled with countless single-use plastic items that produce a TON of waste. If you want to live a more sustainable life, making the switch to some of the best eco-friendly bathroom products is key.

But there are so many different products out there. How do you know where to start?

This list has the best eco-friendly bathroom products that will help you immediately start reducing waste and living a more natural and sustainable life. Pick out which ones you want to switch to right away!

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Top Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products

Making the switch to these sustainable bathroom products is incredibly easy. Every time you’re about to run out of something that typically comes packaged in plastic, such as the last bit of toothpaste in that plastic tube or the last drop of shampoo in the plastic bottle, pick up one of these eco-friendly alternatives.

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Before you know it, you’ll have a bathroom filled with products that produce little to no waste. Even better, since many of these products are natural and free of toxic ingredients, they’re also better for your health.

1. Shampoo Bar

Going from shampoo in a plastic bottle to a shampoo bar is one of the easiest swaps you can make. After trying out all kinds of different bars, my absolute favorite is this lavender chamomile shampoo bar.

It was developed using the same chemistry as top-performing liquid shampoos, but without all the nasty chemicals. That means it leaves my hair feeling soft and clean using 100% plant-based ingredients.

It’s made for normal hair types, but don’t worry, the company has all types of different options. This includes a deep moisture shampoo bar for dry and damaged hair, a scalp care shampoo bar for itchy scalps, a hibiscus shampoo bar for colored hair, and more.

Best of all, since these shampoo bars come from one of the best zero waste online shops, you get to enjoy the convenience of having all of your favorite eco-friendly products shipped right to your front door without any plastic waste!

You can also check out this list of the best shampoo bars to discover even more outstanding options for all hair types. Also, for days when your hair simply needs a quick refresh, take a look at this list of the best non-toxic and eco-friendly dry shampoo.

2. Conditioner Bar

After you shampoo your hair, it’s time to condition it. Fortunately, the same company that makes my favorite shampoo bar also makes a variety of conditioner bars, including this lavender chamomile conditioner bar.

The conditioner bar nourishes, detangles, and helps tame frizz with a soothing scent you’ll love.

If you feel like you’re always pressed for time in the morning, you can also pick up this 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar. It cleanses, detangles, nourishes, and moisturizes all with one bar!

No matter which option you decide to go with, don’t forget to grab these soap storage tins. Not only can you use them to cover and protect your bars in the shower, but they’re also ideal for carrying your bars when you’re traveling.

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This list of the best eco-friendly conditioner bars also has several options for different hair types, so you can find something that perfectly suits your needs.

To make your haircare routine completely sustainable, be sure to make the switch to one of these top eco-friendly hair brushes.

3. Body Wash Bar

People have been using a bar of soap to clean their bodies for centuries for one good reason: it works! Today, you have an endless number of options available.

These body soap bars are truly some of the best available. They’re handmade using organic ingredients that will clean your body without drying out your skin. They also come in an outstanding variety of scents that everyone will love.

But there’s good news! You don’t have to give up your liquid body wash to have a more eco-friendly bathroom. That’s because Plaine Products has a refillable natural body wash that gently cleanses and nourishes your skin.

To get started, choose With Pump to get the zero waste 16-ounce reusable aluminum bottle with a pump. When the bottle is almost empty, simply order a refill bottle without the pump, and fill out this form to get a free shipping label to send your original bottle back to Plaine Products to be reused.

If you’re looking for even more great choices, be sure to take a look at this post on the best eco-friendly body wash. You’ll discover plenty of bar soap and shower gel options that use natural, non-toxic ingredients to get your skin safely clean.

Don’t forget, you can also find a variety of excellent eco-friendly face wash options that are perfectly formulated to clean and refresh the sensitive skin on your face.

4. Exfoliating Bath Cloth

You need to use something to clean your body, but there are several reasons why you should forgo those plastic shower poufs. The first reason is obvious: they’re made from plastic and you can’t recycle them when they reach the end of their useful life.

They’re also a well-documented haven for bacteria. In fact, they can harbor so much bacteria that experts say you should toss them every 3 weeks. Not only is that terrible for the environment, but it’s also a waste of money!

A bar of soap and your own two hands work just fine to clean your body. However, if you want something that can also help exfoliate your skin like a shower pouf, you can use a washcloth or this agave exfoliating cloth.

It has an exfoliating side that’s good for removing dead skin cells from your body and a softer side that’s ideal for your face and other sensitive skin areas.

You can get the agave exfoliating cloth from EarthHero. If you decide to shop here, be sure to use the code EARTHFRIENDLY to take 10% off your order!

5. Bamboo Toothbrush

The next time you’re at the dentist getting your teeth cleaned and they hand you one of those plastic toothbrushes, simply say, “No, thank you. I’m reducing my waste and making the switch to a zero waste toothbrush instead.” Then, pick up this awesome bamboo toothbrush with a replaceable head.

The base of the toothbrush is dipped in a water-based paint to protect it from water damage and make it easier to keep track of who is using which one. The detachable toothbrush head is made with 100% plant-based bristles, and both sections are made of FSC-certified bamboo.

When it’s time to replace the toothbrush head, simply keep the handle and pop on a new head. You can then remove the bristles from the head and compost the bamboo.

For even more options, be sure to check out this list of the best bamboo toothbrushes for the entire family.

Do you prefer using an electric toothbrush? That’s not a problem! You can also get an electric toothbrush with replaceable bamboo heads.

You get a sleek electric toothbrush that provides a professional-grade clean with built-in timers and multiple cleaning settings. The toothbrush also comes with a matching charging dock, and you only have to charge it around once a month!

If you’re looking for even more great options, don’t forget to check out this post on the best eco-friendly electric toothbrushes.

Or, you can make your current electric toothbrush more sustainable by picking up these best bamboo electric toothbrush replacement heads.

6. Toothpaste

Once you get your bamboo toothbrush, it’s time to make the switch to zero waste toothpaste. Fortunately, you have all kinds of options available.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and convenient for traveling, check out these toothpaste tablets. Simply pop one in your mouth, chew for a few seconds so it becomes a paste, and brush like normal.

If you want something that’s great for your budget because you can make it last for a long time, you’ll love this natural tooth powder. To use, just dip a clean toothbrush into the powder and brush like usual.

You can also check out this post for even more fantastic zero waste toothpaste options.

7. Dental Floss

Daily flossing is important for healthy teeth and gums. But since floss is made of plastic and can’t be recycled, it creates tons of waste in the environment and can even cause microplastic pollution. This is why biodegradable dental floss is one of the best eco-friendly bathroom products.

You have several choices when you’re shopping for zero waste dental floss. This waxed silk dental floss is strong enough that it doesn’t break and smooth enough to fit between tight teeth.

It’s also available in either a glass or stainless steel reusable container. So once you finish a spool, you simply need to order replacement spools for absolutely no waste.

If you prefer a vegan option, this bamboo floss is an excellent choice. It also comes packaged in a refillable glass container, so you can simply order replacement spools when you need a refill.

Plus, this sustainable corn floss and its replacement spools are another great vegan option for compostable floss.

If you’re looking for even more ideas, be sure to check out this post on the best eco-friendly floss options.

8. Mouthwash

No zero waste oral care routine is complete without mouthwash. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the stuff that comes in plastic bottles.

These mouthwash tablets work similar to the toothpaste tablets. To use them, simply dissolve 1 tablet in 20ml of water. Then gargle for at least 30 seconds and spit.

The vegan and certified cruelty-free mouthwash tablets will leave you with fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums without any waste!

You can also take a look at this post to find a variety of other zero waste mouthwash options and discover one that will suit your needs.

9. Menstrual Cup

Making the switch to zero waste period products isn’t just better for the environment, it’s also vital to your health! Traditional period products are filled with all kinds of chemicals you definitely don’t want to put inside your body.

You can check out this post on the best zero waste menstrual products to learn more about the dangers lurking in traditional period products and discover all of the amazing alternatives available.

With options that range from menstrual cups and reusable pads to period panties in every style out there, you’re sure to find one that will suit your needs and help you reduce waste.

10. Natural Makeup

Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. This is why we have to be so careful about what we actually do put on our skin.

For example, recent studies have found that sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone aren’t just destroying coral reefs, they’re also being absorbed into the body. Once in there, they’re disrupting the hormone system and even causing cancer.

This is one reason why it’s vital to make the switch to a natural sunscreen. It’s also why it’s so important to consider natural makeup options.

There are a variety of natural makeup brands out there, such as River Organics and Trestique. Not only do they use natural ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals to make their beauty products, but they also make every type of beauty product you need, including mascara, blush, lipstick, foundation, and more.

This post on the best zero waste makeup brands goes over all of your options so you can put together a beauty routine that’s better for your health and the environment!

11. Eco-Friendly Makeup Brushes

Once you have your sustainable makeup, you need some eco-friendly makeup brushes to apply it! One great option is Elate Cosmetics.

You’ll find all types of vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable brushes to help you perfectly apply all of your eco-friendly makeup.

If you’re looking for even more excellent tools, be sure to check out this list of the best eco-friendly makeup brushes.

12. Toilet Paper

Did you know 27,000 trees are cut down EVERY DAY just to make toilet paper? I think you probably agree that’s such a waste of one of the most crucial things we need to fight climate change.

That’s why sustainable toilet paper is one of the best eco-friendly bathroom products. Fortunately, it’s easy to make the switch to sustainable toilet paper.

Who Gives a Crap is one of the best because even though their rolls are made from 100% recycled fibers, they’re so soft and fluffy you’ll never notice the difference. Even better, they’re competitively priced with what you find in the supermarket.

For something that’s even softer and stronger, you can also choose their premium bamboo toilet paper. The company also works toward making our planet a better place for everyone by donating 50% of profits to charity partners that help people around the world gain access to clean water, hygiene, and sanitation.

For even more options you’ll love, be sure to check out this post on the best eco-friendly toilet paper.

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13. Tissues

When you’re making the switch to eco-friendly toilet paper, don’t forget to change to sustainable tissues as well!

In addition to eco-friendly toilet paper, Who Gives a Crap also makes forest friendly tissues that are strong enough to stand up to the biggest sniffles and sneezes.

Since these tissues are made from 100% bamboo, they’re soft, strong, hypoallergenic, and tree-free!

Interested in even more eco-friendly tissues that can help you save trees? Then be sure to check out this post on the best tree-free tissues.

14. Hand Soap

Hand soap is a necessity in the bathroom, but you don’t have to use the soap that comes in wasteful plastic bottles.

If you like the idea of using a bar of soap, this vegan unscented soap bar is an excellent choice. It’s designed for sensitive skin, which means it won’t dry out your skin even after multiple washings. If you decide to get a soap bar, don’t forget to get a plastic-free soap dish to hold it.

On the other hand, if you prefer liquid hand soap, Etee has an ingenious zero waste option you’ll love. Their liquid hand soap concentrate comes in a backyard compostable pod.

All you have to do is fill a dispenser with 12.5 ounces of water, pour the concentrated soap out of the pod and into the jar, and mix everything together. Then you’re ready to wash your hands with an effective bio-based soap made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

In addition to the lemongrass liquid soap, the hand soap is also available in a lavender lime foaming concentrate.

15. Natural Cleaning Products

Natural cleaning recipe cards

When it’s time to clean your bathroom, don’t reach for traditional cleaning products that are hiding toxic secrets. Instead, go with natural cleaning products.

This bundle of printable natural cleaning recipe cards has everything you need to create non-toxic and effective cleaners for every part of your bathroom. Not only are these cleaners quick and easy to make, but you can feel good knowing they’re safe to use around everyone in the family.

If you don’t have time to DIY, that’s not a problem. Just take a look at these top eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products. You can also check out this list of the best eco-friendly cleaning products for every room in your house.

16. Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorants have a bad rap for not working, but that’s simply not true. You just have to find the one that works with your body chemistry.

My personal favorite is this activated charcoal deodorant cream that offers long-lasting protection. You can also check out this list of the best natural deodorants that actually work to find numerous options that were able to stand up to our strenuous tests.

17. Lotion Bar

Whether you’re moisturizing your whole body after a shower or keeping your hands soft after washing them, a lotion bar is an excellent alternative to lotion in a plastic bottle.

This lotion bar is made with only 6 natural ingredients that effectively heal and moisturize hands, elbows, knees and more without clogging your pores or leaving your skin feeling greasy.

It also comes in a tin storage tin that makes it easy to keep one in the bathroom, one at your desk, one in your pocket or bag, or anywhere else you need to carry one!

If you’re looking for even more outstanding options, check out this post on the best lotion bars for super soft skin.

18. Safety Razor

Safety razor on black countertop

Making the switch from disposable razors to a safety razor is one of the easiest ways to save A LOT of money in the bathroom.

This safety razor is a premium plastic-free razor that offers a clean, smooth shave for all genders and shaving needs. It has a high-polish finish, so it will never rust.

Best of all, you can get replacement blades for just a few dollars. I dare you to try to find plastic razor cartridges for the same affordable price!

Never used a safety razor before? Don’t worry! It’s really easy and not much different than using a disposable razor. Just check out this post on how to use a safety razor for everything you need to know.

19. Shave Soap

You can say goodbye to those wasteful cans of shaving cream when you make the switch to a more sustainable shave soap.

This DIY shave gel offers a thick and luxurious lather that will help the razor easily glide over your skin for less irritation.

Or you can pick up this organic shaving bar. It creates a frothy foam that will leave your skin smooth and moisturized for a close shave.

Interested in even more shave soap options? Then be sure to take a look at this list of the best shave soap bars!

20. Reusable Cotton Swabs

The best eco-friendly bathroom products don’t have to be big things. Sometimes, they’re also really small! Just like this reusable cotton swab.

Every year, people use as many as 500 billion single-use cotton swabs. That’s an insane amount of waste for something we only use for a few seconds.

LastSwab is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use cotton swabs that you can reuse thousands of times. In addition to the basic swab for ear-cleaning, you can also get a beauty swab for applying makeup and a baby swab for those smaller ears.

Not quite sure if you want to use a reusable cotton swab? That’s OK!

You can still make an eco-friendly swap by choosing these biodegradable cotton swabs. Since they contain absolutely no plastic, they will easily breakdown in your compost bin!

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21. Reusable Facial Rounds

In addition to reusable cotton swabs, you can also get LastRound reusable facial rounds that are ideal for both applying and removing makeup.

One LastRound container comes with 7 rounds that can help you replace up to 1,750 single-use rounds.

Curious about other options available? Then take a look at this list of the best reusable cotton rounds!

22. Water-Saving Shower Head

Part of reducing waste in your bathroom also means conserving water. Fortunately, that’s something you can easily do in your shower when you install this water-saving shower head.

One of the 6 selectable settings on this shower head is a water-saving mode. This setting pauses the water when you’re not using it, such as when you’re lathering your shampoo or washing your body.

When you’re ready to start using water again, you simply switch it back to your favorite setting and continue your shower.

23. Compostable Trash Bags

Compostable Trash Bags

Even with all these top eco-friendly bathroom products, you’re bound to produce a little bit of waste. Instead of using plastic bags in your trash can, make the switch to these compostable trash bags.

Made from plants instead of plastic, these bags are certified home and industrial compostable. Not only are they strong and durable, but they’re also star-sealed at the bottom to help prevents leaks.

If you decide to try these compostable trash bags, be sure to use the code EARTHTIPS to enjoy 15% off your purchase! You can also take a look at this post on the best biodegradable trash bags to find even more great options.

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Best Products for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Right now is the perfect time to start reducing waste and living a more sustainable life. When you make the switch to these best eco-friendly bathroom products, you’ll enjoy saving money and lowering your carbon footprint all at the same time!

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