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The Best Natural and Eco-Friendly Face Wash

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10 Best Eco-Friendly Face Wash for Naturally Clean Skin

One great way to keep the skin on your face healthy and glowing is to clean it with a face wash. But our skin absorbs everything we put on it, which is why it’s so crucial to use a natural and eco-friendly face wash.

There are so many different types of sustainable face washes available. How do you know which one is right for your skin?

We tried out these eco-friendly face washes to see which ones left our skin feeling smooth and clean. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or something in between, you’re sure to find something that will help clean and refresh your skin on this list of the best eco-friendly face wash.

Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Face Wash?

Whether you’re getting a fresh start in the morning, or washing away any dirt and oil that has accumulated on your skin during the day, face wash is an important part of your health and beauty routine.

Unfortunately, even though face wash is supposed to help wash dirt away, it can also contain some pretty dirty ingredients. These are a few of the most dangerous face wash ingredients you need to watch out for:

Most Dangerous Face Wash Ingredients

  • Parabens– Parabens mimic estrogen, which could increase breast cancer risk. They can also irritate skin.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)– A foaming agent that strips the skin of the natural oils it needs for protection. It can irritate the skin and cause the body to produce even more oil.
  • Petroleum and mineral-derived oils– Beyond the environmental damage caused by drilling for petroleum, these oils can also irritate skin and clog pores.
  • Fragrance– While it sounds nice, companies are allowed to use the word “fragrance” to conceal hundreds of chemicals, many of which can cause asthma attacks, headaches, allergies, and more. Additionally, all synthetic fragrances are stabilized using phthalates, which are a group of chemicals linked to birth defects and reproductive problems in animal studies.
  • Alcohols– Alcohol is used in this effective DIY laminate floor cleaner because it helps the cleaner dry so fast it leaves behind a streak-free shine. But on your skin, alcohol breaks down its natural barrier, which can lead to irritation and skin damage.

Since your skin is your largest organ and everything you apply to it is absorbed directly into your body, it’s vital to make sure you’re using a natural face wash that won’t cause allergies, alter your hormones, dry out your skin, or remove its natural and protective oils.

This is also why it’s so important to make sure you’re using clean and non-toxic body wash, a safe and sustainable sunscreen, natural bug spray that doesn’t contain DEET, and eco-friendly lotion made with natural ingredients!

Sustainable Face Wash for an Eco-Friendly Lather

Now that you know why it’s so important to choose an eco-friendly face wash, here are 10 outstanding options that will safely and effectively clean your skin without drying it out.

1. Etee

Etee facial cleaning bar

You can find everything you need to make your bathroom more sustainable when you shop at Etee, including the best eco-friendly face wash. This is the face wash bar I personally use at home, and I love how clean and refreshed my skin feels after I use it.

The facial cleansing bar is made with charcoal and aloe, which work together to cleanse, clarify, and moisturize your skin all at the same time. The charcoal also draws out dirt, toxins, and makeup without over-drying your skin.

Unlike other soap bars, which can leave your skin feeling tight, this natural face wash bar will gently clean and protect your skin. After you’re done washing, all you’re left with is smooth, refreshed skin.

The plant-based bar is perfect for all skin types. It’s made with 85% USDA certified organic ingredients and is completely palm-oil free. It’s also vegan and never tested on animals.

In addition to not containing any parabens, sulfates, and harsh chemicals, the facial cleaner also doesn’t come with any plastic. That’s because it ships from one of the best zero waste online shops for all of your sustainable essentials!

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2. Plaine Products

Plaine Products face wash

If you’re interested in a zero waste face wash, check out this refillable face wash from Plaine Products. This face wash is ideal for all skin types because it gently cleans your skin without stripping away its natural oils.

You can feel good using this vegan face wash on your skin because it doesn’t contain any phthalates, parabens, palm oil, sulfates, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances. Instead, it uses biodegradable and non-GMO ingredients that will leave your face clean without feeling dry.

It also contains vitamin C. Not only is vitamin C great for naturally fighting off a cold, but it can also help improve your skin’s texture and tone to reduce the signs of aging.

When you first order this Plaine Products face wash, choose the style with the pump. When that bottle is empty, save your pump and send it back to Plaine Products using the free shipping label. Then simply order a new bottle without the pump, and put your own pump back in when it arrives.

The face wash is available with either a light citrus scent or unscented. But you don’t have to worry about artificial fragrances if you choose the citrus scent. That’s because it gets its scent from whole essential oils instead of fragrances.

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3. EcoRoots

EcoRoots facial soap bar

You can make your skincare routine more sustainable with these organic facial soap bars from EcoRoots. These bars are specially formulated to gently clean all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The bars contain organic ingredients and are made by hand in small batches. They never have any parabens, sulfates, animals products, or synthetic fragrances.

There are several options available. Although every bar will leave your skin feeling smooth and clean, the shea oatmeal bar is best for dry, sensitive skin. It will moisturize your skin without making it feel too greasy.

If you have oily skin, the charcoal tea tree bar or orange bergamot bar is your best bet. These bars will gently exfoliate your skin and help remove excess oil to reduce breakouts and leave your skin feeling clean all day long.

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4. Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm Goat's Milk Soap

Little Seed Farm makes a variety of outstanding natural beauty products. If you want to make the switch to a natural deodorant, but you’re afraid it won’t hold up during the day, I can’t recommend the activated charcoal deodorant cream from Little Seed Farm enough.

This is the deodorant I personally use, and I’m so impressed with how well it works. Just a pea-sized amount under each arm is all I need to stay fresh all day long.

So it should come as no surprise that Little Seed Farm also makes a fantastic natural face wash. They have two different options.

If you have sensitive skin, the unscented goat’s milk bar is perfect for you. Goat’s milk is a gentle, nourishing moisturizer that effectively soothes dry or irritated skin.

If your skin is prone to breakouts, the activated charcoal face soap is the one for you. In addition to the nourishing goat’s milk, this soap also contains activated charcoal to attract and wash away dirt, toxins, and excess oil.

No matter which soap you choose, you know you’re getting a Leaping Bunny certified product that doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, or palm oil. Plus, they all come in a recyclable or compostable cardboard sleeve, so there’s absolutely no waste left behind.

All of the products from Little Seed Farm are made on a family-owned, 100% solar-powered goat farm in the U.S. This way, they can ensure all of the ingredients are organic and sustainable and that the goats are humanely raised.

You can find Little Seed Farm products at EarthHero. If you decide to try some, be sure to use the code EARTHFRIENDLY to take 10% off your order!

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5. Ethique

When you shop Ethique, you get consciously made, zero waste health and beauty products that actually work. Even better, they have so many outstanding sustainable face wash options, you’ll have no problems finding one catered to your particular skincare needs.

The Bliss Bar is a gentle, creamy cleanser that’s safe for dry, oily, and normal skin. If you feel like your skin is more on the oily to normal side, the Deep Green facial cleansing bar uses French clay, castor oil, sea salt, and sweet orange oil to pull dirt and excess sebum away from your skin without drying it out.

Do you need something that can effectively clean your skin and remove your safe and non-toxic natural makeup? The SuperStar cleansing bar is a multitasking marvel that can clean, moisturizer, and remove makeup all at the same time.

Want to give your face a light exfoliation to gently buff away dead skin cells and leave behind glowing skin? You’ll love the gingersnap face scrub bar!

Fortunately, every face cleaner from Ethique offers plenty of benefits. Since the bars are solid, they help save water and eliminate the need for 3 plastic bottles to be made and then thrown away.

In addition to being completely plastic free, these vegan bars don’t contain any soap or palm oil. Plus, Ethique plants one tree for every order!

If you want to help your bars last longer, don’t forget to pick up one of these ingenious storage trays. The plastic-free trays are made with 100% natural materials that are designed to draw moisture away from the bars. They’re also labeled so you can quickly and easily identify which bar you need!

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6. Unearth Malee

Unearth Malee Charcoal Soap Bar

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, this activated charcoal organic face wash from Unearth Malee is exactly what you need. This handmade, vegan face wash bar doesn’t contain any palm oil, synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS, or chemical preservatives.

Instead, it has activated bamboo charcoal that helps unclog pores, draw out impurities, detox the skin, and eliminate acne. It also contains black pepper essential oil, which is a fantastic antiseptic.

These aren’t the only benefits you’ll enjoy when you use this eco-friendly face wash. It also has a really unique feature on the outside.

The wrapping of the bar is made of plantable flower seed paper. Instead of throwing the paper away, soak it in water, plant it, and then watch the beautiful wildflowers flowers grow! These wildflowers are a great way to help the bee population!

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7. Amazon Aware

Amazon Aware is a new consciously created line of eco-friendly products that makes it easier than ever to go zero waste at home. In addition to affordable apparel and household necessities, you also have your choice of two outstanding eco-friendly facial cleansers.

If you feel like your skin is between normal and dry, choose the hydrating face cleanser. This smooth, gentle cleanser contains avocado and sandalwood oils to help brighten, hydrate, and balance your skin without taking away any of its natural oils.

You can use it morning and night to gently wash away oil and dirt. The vegan face wash is not tested on animals and formulated without fragrance.

On the other hand, if you feel like you have oily or combination skin, go with the balancing face cleanser. This face wash contains arnica and calendula extracts to brighten and deeply cleanse your skin without over-drying it.

Plus, just like the hydrating cleanser, you can rest assured the balancing face wash is vegan, not tested on animals, and doesn’t contain any fragrances.

Both options come in a 100% recycled aluminum bottle with a reusable pump. When you place your first order, select the bottle with the pump. For your subsequent orders, you can select the bottle with the aluminum cap and simply reuse your pump.

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8. No Tox Life

No Tox Life detoxifying facial bar

This detoxifying facial bar from No Tox Life is made with powerful yet gentle natural ingredients that work together to reveal bright, glowing skin on your face.

The main ingredient in this vegan bar is charcoal, which is known to bind itself to dirt, toxins, and excess oil and gently pull them away from your skin. The bar also contains soothing oatmeal that’s amazing for lightly exfoliating the skin.

Finally, the facial bar has coconut, mango, and shea to moisturize your skin without clogging your pores and leave it feeling clean and smooth.

To use the bar, simply create a lather by rubbing it between your hands. You can also use a facial sponge or washcloth. Rub the cleanser onto your face to exfoliate, clean, and moisturize. Then rinse it away with fresh water.

Even though this facial cleanser is highly effective, it’s gentle enough to use in the morning and at night. To help it last as long as possible, be sure to place it on a well-draining soap dish so it can dry out between uses.

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9. Earth Harbor

Earth Harbor Ahoy Love Face Cleanser

Earth Harbor is on a mission to create ethical, natural skincare products that help you care for your skin without harming the environment or creating excess waste.

Their products don’t contain any of the dangerous ingredients often found in beauty products, such as artificial dyes, synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, and petroleum.

Instead, every product is made in small batches using natural, non-toxic, certified cruelty-free, fair trade, and ethical ingredients.

If you’re looking for a nourishing face wash that will clean your skin without stripping away its protective oils and leaving it feeling tight, go with this Ahoy Love cream cleanser. This cleanser is perfectly formulated for all skin types.

It helps target dry skin while also improving the appearance of dullness and pores. Additionally, it comes packaged in a glass jar you can reuse or recycle for zero waste.

To use the cleanser, just gently massage it into moist skin in a circular motion. Rinse it off with warm water, and lightly pat your skin dry with a soft towel.

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10. HiBAR

HiBAR Hydrate Face Wash Bar

Not only does HiBAR make one of the best zero waste shampoo bars and a fantastic sustainable conditioner bar, but the company also has a great selection of eco-friendly face washes. No matter your skincare needs, HiBAR has a facial cleaner for you.

Do you often battle sensitive or dry skin? Relieve it with the HiBAR hydrate face wash bar. This creamy and fragrance-free face wash is packed with amino acids and vegan squalene to gently wash away dirt and toxins while locking in moisture.

The HiBAR cleanse face wash bar is another great option for anyone with sensitive skin. It contains silk protein and amino acids to remove dirt and impurities without taking away the natural moisture in your skin.

Feel like your skin looks a little dull? The HiBAR renew face wash bar uses olive seed powder to softly exfoliate and brighten skin. The vegan bar also uses white willow bark extract to purify skin and silk protein to protect it.

Best of all, no matter which bar you choose, you know you’ll enjoy plenty of amazing benefits. Every bar is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certified. None of them contain sulfates, phthalates, parabens, soap, or mineral oils.

Plus, they’re all 100% plastic-free since they come packaged in a fully recyclable box with compostable paper inner packaging.

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How to Use an Eco-Friendly Face Wash

The great thing about making the switch to an eco-friendly face wash is that you don’t have to learn a new way to wash your face. These sustainable face washes work exactly like conventional face washes!

Whether you choose a bar or a liquid face wash, simply use your hands or a washcloth to create a lather with your cleanser. Apply the cleanser to your face, and then rinse it off with fresh water.

And that’s it! Now you get to enjoy naturally clean skin that’s soft and smooth.

If you’re using a face wash bar, remember that you don’t want it to sit in water after you use it. This will cause it to breakdown much faster than normal. Instead, store it in a dry location so it lasts as long as possible.

How We Chose the Best Eco-Friendly Face Wash

When making this list of the best eco-friendly face wash, we kept the following criteria in mind:

  • Non-toxic ingredients: Since our skin absorbs what we put on it, we had to make sure these face wash products didn’t contain any dangerous or toxic ingredients that could cause irritation, allergies, or other health problems.
  • Palm oil-free: We looked for sustainable face wash products that didn’t contain palm oil to help fight the devastating effects of deforestation due to palm oil harvesting in Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Vegan: If not fully vegan, the face wash ingredients must be ethically sourced, such as milk from humanely raised goats.
  • Cruelty-free: We believe an eco-friendly world is one that’s kind to all creatures that live here. That’s why we looked for face washes that don’t test on animals.
  • Ethical ingredient sourcing: In addition to making sure the ingredients used in the face wash are cruelty-free, we also had to ensure they’re ethically sourced. This means confirming the workers are treated fairly and the environment isn’t harmed.
  • Eco-conscious packaging: In order to make this list, the face wash packaging must not create excess waste. Ideally, the packaging would be zero waste because it’s either compostable, reusable, or refillable. At the very least, the packaging should be recyclable.

When you’re shopping for face wash, be sure to keep these considerations in mind so you know you’re choosing something that’s safe for you, the animals, and the planet.

Natural Face Wash Your Skin Will Love

Cleaning the skin on your face doesn’t require wasteful products that can contain toxic ingredients. Thanks to this list of the best eco-friendly face wash, you can choose something that will naturally reveal glowing skin.

More Helpful Eco-Friendly Tips

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